A drone in Kansai or a diplomatic minister "strengthening the security system" November 8 at 12:55

At Kansai Airport, a report was received that the drone looked like a drone on the 7th night following last month and the runway was closed one after another. "This is a situation that has a great impact on the safety of aircraft navigation," he said.

On the night of 7th, Kansai Airport reported that I saw something like a drone, the runway was closed, and 27 flights were canceled and the destination changed.

At Kansai Airport on the 19th of last month, sighting information about objects such as drones was sent and the runway was temporarily closed.

Concerning this, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Akabane said at the press conference after the cabinet meeting, “It is a situation that will have a great impact on the safety of aircraft navigation. Said.

In addition, we will promote the introduction of a system for detecting drones around the airport using sensors, etc., in addition to strengthening the security system in cooperation with airport managers, etc.

In addition, the fact that the pilot of ANA on July 7 detected alcohol in the pre-passenger inspection, said that the pilot ’s drinking problem is unending. "We want to work hard to make all airlines feel better once more," he said.