What is power harassment? What do you think about this? Nov 6 22:11

About the law that requires companies to take measures to prevent power harassment in the workplace for the first time The Council of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has a policy to require countermeasures from large corporations in June next year, and SMEs from 4 This aims to develop by the end of the year the guidelines shows the definition and measures of power harassment before, but the labor and management of opinion is at odds, the prospect of the compilation does not stand. What do you think about what action is power harassment?

Description of power harassment

What is particularly disagreeing is how to specifically describe the act of power harassment.

It is difficult for the employer to draw a line between power harassment and business guidance, and describing only cases that clearly fall under power harassment is described as there is a risk of hindering human resource development and smooth operation of the business if written in the guidelines up to cases where it is difficult to judge Insist that you should.

On the other hand, the worker side said that the current draft of the guideline has a narrow definition of power harassment, which could rather encourage,
▽ Consider the subjectivity of how workers felt when judging whether it was power harassment,
▽ We insist that measures need to be taken not only for the company but also for power harassment to third parties such as freelancers and job-hunting students.

In addition, lawyers and private organizations working on labor issues have expressed concerns one after another that examples that do not fall under power harassment indicated by the draft guidelines may be misleading.

6 types, but specifically ...?

“Power harassment” was defined by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for the first time in 2012, and was “giving mental and physical pain beyond the appropriate scope of work”.

As an act to hit the power harassment,
▽ "Physical attack",
▽ “Mental attack”,
▽ "Separation from human relations" to isolate or ignore,
▽ "Excessive requests" such as forcing things that are clearly unnecessary or impossible to carry out in business,
▽ “Excessive request” such as ordering a job that is far from ability / experience or not giving a job,
▽ Indicates six types of "individual infringement" that excessively enter the private sector, and has been seeking countermeasures from companies.

However, there is a strong opinion that “what is difficult to delineate with guidance for human resource development” is what kind of action will be applied to power harassment, and the damage caused by power harassment has become serious year after year because there was no law to regulate it. According to a national survey, the number of people who feel damaged is one in three.

Of the consultations between labor and management sent to the labor bureaus nationwide, the number of “power harassment” consultations such as bullying and harassment in the workplace continues to increase year by year, reaching 82,977 last year.

In the draft guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare ...

According to the draft guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare,
▽ With words and actions against the background of superior relationships,
▽ Beyond that necessary and substantial for business,
▽ It is defined as the one that harms the working environment of workers.

In addition, based on the indication that it is difficult to draw a line with guidance, we specifically show the actions that fall under power harassment and the actions that do not fall under each of the six types shown so far.

Of these, “physical attacks”
▽ Throwing something that could cause injury is a power harassment,
▽ Injuries caused by accidental bumps or hits are not applicable.

In “mental attacks”
▽ Neglecting personality or blaming and intimidating in front of other workers falls under power harassment,
▽ If there is behavior or behavior that lacks social rules and manners and attention cannot be improved, it is not applicable.

In “separation from human relationships”
▽ It is a power harassment to isolate a worker who does not follow his intentions in a separate room for a long time or to train at home,
▽ It is not applicable to give the necessary training in the private room before returning the worker who has been disposed of to normal work.

"Individual infringement"
▽ Continuous monitoring outside the workplace and exposing sexual orientation, gender identity, medical history, etc. to other workers without the consent of the person is considered power harassment,
▽ It is not applicable to hear the history of the family for the purpose of consideration or to obtain consent and to convey the medical history etc. to the person in charge of personnel and labor.

On top of that, the business owner's responsibility is to clarify the power harassment response policy and make it known and enlightenment, and to establish a system to respond appropriately when consultations are received.

The seminar of corresponding instruction

Beginning in June next year, companies will be attracting attention as seminars that give instructions on how to respond to companies before power harassment measures are required.

Among them, the seminar held in Kyoto on the 1st of this month has about 80 applications exceeding the capacity, and about 60 people such as company personnel and harassment staff participate while waiting for cancellation. did.

First, the instructor explained the difference between power harassment, which is said to be difficult to draw, and instruction,
▽ Power harassment causes mental damage caused by harassment that is not necessary for business and worsens the work environment.
▽ He told me that guidance has a business purpose such as prevention of recurrence of mistakes and education, and encourages the growth of others.

After that, we divided into groups and discussed how to deal with the cases.

On this day, the person in charge of countermeasures against power harassment said that one of the employees said, “The boss has been persistently asked about private things such as children's school performance and how to spend holidays, and feels painful.” When consulted, it was an example of responding with “the boss is not angry and not hit by power harassment”.

Opinions from participants such as `` The person in charge should not decide that it is not power harassment in a personal view '' or `` The question of the consultant is not heard properly and the problem can not be grasped '' Was issued.

In addition, there were also opinions that worried about how much power harassment was considered, such as “Honestly, I do not know how to carve out” or “Employees may be overreacting”.

The personnel manager of the participating restaurant said, “It is difficult to draw a line about where education is and where it is power harassment. I want to be able to show with confidence. "

“The number of consultations on power harassment from companies has increased, and I do n’t know how far harassment is. Yes, I think it makes sense to show the definition of power harassment, but it doesn't make sense to shape what constitutes harassment, but listen to each person's voice with the right knowledge. I want you to respond properly. "