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On 4 November 2019, actress Adèle Haenel accused director Christophe Ruggia of having sexually assaulted her when she was between 12 and 15 years old. Photo taken in May 2017. © Laurent Emmanuel / AFP

The actress Adèle Haenel accuses the director Christophe Ruggia of having sexually assaulted her when she was between twelve and fifteen years old. The investigation of the Mediapart information site, searched, accumulates dozens of overwhelming testimonials and material evidence.

Is this the case that will shake French cinema, two years after the outbreak of the #MeToo women's speech liberation movement in the United States? A long survey of Mediapart, put online Monday, November 4, lifts the veil on omerta in the French industry.

Adele Haenel was only twelve when she was chosen to star in the movie The Devils . Christophe Ruggia portrays an incestuous love between a brother and his sister, autistic. For several months, the director, who is then 36 years old, puts his two young actors in condition so that they are at ease during very bare scenes.

18 years after the fact, Adèle Haenel denounces a phenomenon of influence. Conditioning and pedophile attacks confirmed by numerous testimonies in this investigation. In a video posted by Mediapart, the actress explains wanting to release speech.

" We are here to change them "

"I have to be able to talk to everyone who has spoken before in the #MeToo business and made me change my perspective on what I had been through. When women, girls, who complain or denounce facts, are less known, they say: "ah, they wanted work, they lie to be lathered, etc." We denigrate their word. What violence! What do we all have as a collective responsibility for this to happen? If you want, monsters do not exist! It's our society. [...] We are not there to eliminate them. We are here to change them. "

Christophe Ruggia challenges the facts. He refused to answer Mediapart. Contacted by RFI, his lawyers confirm that he will not speak publicly. But the profession has already condemned it. Christophe Ruggia has been removed from the Society of Film Directors (SRF).