Cultural Medal Parenting Ceremony Nobel Prize Akira Yoshino and 6 others on November 3 at 12:22


On the third day of the Cultural Day, a parental ceremony was held at the Imperial Palace, and Akira Yoshino, who was selected for the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, received a medal from the Emperor.

The recipients of this year's culture medal are:
▽ Akira Yoshino (71), Honorary Fellow of “Asahi Kasei” who developed a new battery that will be the prototype of the current lithium-ion battery and was selected as the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
▽ Takenobu Tanuma (90), an emeritus professor at Tokyo Polytechnic University, who continued to publish works for more than half a century as a news photographer, and worked hard to foster the next generation.
▽ Akira Nomura (89), a Noh performer who has worked to improve skills and arts for many years and spread the art of kyogen.
▽ Toshikazu Amari (83), Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo, who pioneered the field of mathematics called information geometry and worked on pioneering and original research.
▽ Satoshi Sasaki (77), Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo, who made outstanding achievements in the research of political thinkers and also made remarkable achievements in the analysis of contemporary politics.
▽ These are six members of Shibumi Sakaguchi (68), an emeritus professor at Osaka University, who worked on elucidating the mechanism of illness caused by immunity and established a new field of life science.

The parental ceremony was held in the “bamboo space” of the Imperial Palace, and each recipient was awarded a medal of culture with a deciduous flower on Tachibana.

It was the first time for the Emperor to attend the ceremony of the Cultural Medal, and on behalf of the recipient, Mr. Tanuma greeted, “I am determined to make further efforts in each field.”

In response, the Emperor expressed his congratulations, “I am delighted that we have made many years of hard work, achieved many achievements, and worked to improve our culture.”

After the ceremony, the recipients wore a medal in front of the palace with a cultural medal and cheered on the joy of the award.