The actor Nicolás Dueñas , who stood out primarily in the world of theater and television , has died this Saturday in Madrid because of a cancer at age 78, as reported by El País.

Dueñas, he gained popularity for his many television jobs. Specifically, he highlights his role as Lucia's father in the series 'There is no one here alive' .

The actor was one of the "last survivors" of the Spanish University Theater in Madrid , where he took his first steps in the world of acting. Dueñas never concealed his "addiction" to the theater, where he played both leading and cast roles.

However, it was required by great film directors since he debuted in 1966 in the movie 'La busca', by Angelino Fons. Subsequently he worked in cast roles on several occasions for Pilar Miró ('The crime of Cuenca', 'Gary Cooper, that you are in heaven' and 'Your name poisons my dreams') and also in 'Divine words', by José Luis García Sánchez.

In theater, he did play important roles highlighting his work in 'Angelina or the honor of a brigadier', 'La Marquesa Rosalinda', 'Hair', 'Toc Toc' (the Actors Union rewarded him as best leading actor) or 'Sabor a honey'. His participation in numerous assemblies was constant since in 1975 he worked on the musical 'Godspell'. '

Since the sixties it was a regular face of TVE , especially in dramatic spaces such as 'Estudio 1' or 'Teatro de siempre' . In 1984 he starred in the series 'Things of two' and subsequently participated in 'The business of mom', 'La banda de Pérez' and 'Agent 700', among other series.

Dueñas will be cremated this Sunday at 2.30 pm in the South Tanatorio of the Toledo road , where the burning chapel is installed.

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