Abu Dhabi residents have recently observed a large number of orange scooters on the sidewalks of the capital, especially on major streets such as the Corniche, in conjunction with a significant increase in the number of users of this type of bicycle in the city.

In fact, these bicycles are part of a service launched in Abu Dhabi under the slogan "First and Last Mile", which aims to enable community members to reach their final destination in a fast and economical way, as electric bicycles are an effective and easy and environmentally friendly means of transport for short daily commutes for work and leisure. Between public bus bus stops and commercial, marketing, service, residential and recreational centers, strategic locations have been identified in the Corniche area, near public transport stops and “Row and Move” locations to facilitate multi-media trips. He secretly placed her electric bikes in those locations.

The public can use the bikes according to the monthly plans for regular users, with options including 150 minutes for AED 100 (33% discount), 400 minutes for AED 200 (50% discount), or 1000 minutes for AED 300 (70% discount) ) And unlock free electric bicycles for an unlimited number of trips. The 1,000-minute Serk monthly package offers the equivalent of 100 trips, or AED 3 per trip, and more than 30 minutes per day, enough for a daily round trip of 3 to 4 kilometers per direction.

For those who wish to try a smaller package before the monthly subscription, they can choose between two weekly packages, either 75 minutes for AED 50 (33% discount) or 200 minutes for AED 100 (50% discount), and unlock free electric bikes for an unlimited number Of trips.
For users looking for the option of unlimited ride tickets, including 1 hour ticket for AED 40 (33% discount), 2 hour tickets for AED 60 (50% discount) and 24 hour daily ticket for AED 100 (96% discount).