Frequent fires in garbage trucks Correct sorting such as gas cylinders October 24 at 14:17

NITE = Product Evaluation Technology Infrastructure properly sorts out garbage when it is said that there are many cases of fire coming out from garbage trucks due to gas cylinders, lithium ion batteries, etc. mixed with garbage from home Calls attention to do.

According to a survey conducted by NITE in cooperation with Nagoya City, there were 150 fires in a garbage truck in Nagoya City over the past five years until August.

The most common cause was found to be 58 cassette cassettes and spray cans, followed by 27 lighters, and 16 fires caused by lithium-ion batteries.

According to NITE, lithium-ion batteries may ignite when subjected to a strong impact, and even in a reproduction experiment, it was confirmed that when a garbage truck crushes garbage, it ignites or violently bursts.

In particular, lithium-ion batteries have recently been used in various products such as heated cigarettes and portable fans, and it seems that there are cases where they were taken out as garbage without notice.

Therefore, in NITE, when disposing of gas cylinders, etc., sort them correctly, and in the case of rechargeable products, make sure that lithium ion batteries are not being used, check the instruction manual, etc., and dispose of them according to the instructions of the local government. Calls attention.