Being the definition of identity a central issue in adolescence, the descendants franchise is a success of Disney . First, because it reuses its intellectual property giving it a new meaning: the protagonists of these films - a musical trilogy set in an institute in the style of High School Musical - are the children of the villains of their classic tales . Second, because, how could it be otherwise, these young people will fight against the stigma of their evil origin to decide their place in the world.

In short, the action is 20 years after the wedding between Bella and Beast , who became king and queen of the United States of Auradon banished their enemies to the Island of the Lost. But his son Ben decides to give four children the opportunity to live with them: Carlos , son of Cruella de Vil ; Jay , son of Jafar ; Evie , the daughter of the Wicked Witch of Snow White and Mal , leader of the group as the daughter of Maleficent .

"I think young people connect with The descendants for many reasons," says Dove Cameron , 23-year-old actress and singer raised under the Disney focus as Evil. "Obviously our main theme is that it doesn't matter who you are or where you are from. come, but who you are inside, but also that we are all better together, that you cannot judge someone by appearances, that who you are depends on you and not on your parents, your environment or anything else you can be judged, "he explains.

The first film of The Descendants , released in 2015, was seen by more than 12 million people in the US, counted the deferred views. The second, issued in 2017, exceeded 21 million . But the music videos total more than 2.5 billion views on DisneyMusicVEVO and both soundtracks led the iTunes and Billboard charts.

Disney Channel premieres in Spain the third film this Saturday at 21.15 hours after reaching about 10 million viewers in the US. And closes the saga after the sudden death of one of its protagonists, the 20-year-old performer Cameron Boyce , who suffered a sudden and unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP). "I don't think it was possible to make a movie without him," acknowledges his partner.

Although Dove Cameron says that the mouse company took care of her throughout her childhood - before devoting herself to The Descendants, in 2012 she starred in the Liv and Maddie series as two twins of opposite personalities -, the actress has openly talked about the difficulties of growing up To the cameras. "It was complicated for me. I think it's easy to reify people when you don't know them and then it's very easy to be misunderstood. This can generate a lot of anxiety," he admits.

With about 32 million followers on Instagram and 1.7 million on Twitter, this child and youth star is also a committed influencer : a declared feminist, defender of the planet and in favor of a more restrictive control of the use of weapons, she has shared that being The girl suffered bullying , the emotional consequences of her father's suicide, or her engagement with Thomas Doherty , a 24-year-old actor who plays Harry , the son of Captain Hook , in The Descendants .

"Everyone deals with anxiety, depression and mental health in one way. I talk a lot with my fans about it and it's something I'm still learning to solve because they are issues that evolve with you. I try to spend a lot of time alone because Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by people. When I get a lot of stimuli, I have to get away, be in the dark. And I don't take medication . But that's what works for me, "explains the actress. "I think that anyone with a platform, especially if you have the attention of young people, has the responsibility to defend a positive change depending on what you believe. But there are things that cannot be discussed as animal cruelty, weather emergency or shootings in schools, "concludes Cameron.

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