Actor Kim Seung-hyun's daughter told me why she was absent from the father's visit.

Kim Seung-hyun's daughter, Subin Yang, confessed her real heartfelt feelings about her father's marriage in the KBS2 'Saving Men Season 2' aired yesterday.

Kim Seung-hyun traveled to Jeju Island with his family on this day and went to the sea to spend time alone with his daughter.

Kim Seung-hyun, who was hesitant for a long time, said to her daughter, "What do you think about meeting with my sister whom my dad introduced last time?" The daughter, who had a serious conversation with her father, seemed awkward and said, "I meet you when I meet you. What do you think?"

Kim Seung-hyun, "You know, I'll greet her sister's parents, and I know that my dad thinks and meets to get married," he asked. Then Subin replied, "Why are you sorry?

Kim Seung-hyun asked carefully, "Why didn't you come out at the ceremony?" And Subin said, "I don't have anything to go to where I'm talking."

Kim Seung-hyun said, "But my sisters wanted to see you very much. Of course, you have a busy day at school.
In a series of interviews with the crew, Subin revealed his honest feelings and said, "I thought I wanted to go at first. "I was at home on the day I was just an excuse to be sick. Isn't it strange to go to the place?"

Kim has recently admitted to being devoted to an entertainer. When the marriage theory first started, it was not, but it was broadcasted.

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