▲ Hee-Kyung Kim, Deputy Minister of Gender Equality and Family

Anonymous donors who helped pay the housing costs to Yun Ji-o, a testimony of the late Jang-Nyang Incident, were confirmed to be Deputy Minister of Women and Family Kim Hee-kyung.

Kim told a parliamentary audit of the National Assembly's Women and Family Committee on Monday that he made the donation in a reconnaissance session in the afternoon that the woman's support was funded by an unfunded budget.

Mr. Kim said, "I was the one who donated 158,000 400 won to Mr. Yoon Jio at that time." I've done it. "

"The result of the review was that it was not appropriate to support the budget, so I stopped reviewing the budget. So I paid my own time to stay for 3 days at the Seoul Women's Plaza in Daebang-dong. I moved to my accommodation. "

"I thought it wasn't necessary to make it public because it was a private donation," Kim said. "When asked about the source of the donation, it would have been talked about as missed."

He replied, "I did not disclose it as a private donation, and the reason for the disclosure is because the controversy was due to a diary in the National Assembly."

But criticism came from the opposition over Kim's response.
Rep. Kim Seong-won of the Liberal Korean Party said, "Why did you hide it? I think it's going to be a hidden reason. Where is this answer?"

Senator Kim asked, "Is this a matter of due diligence to subordinates? What would you do if the officials below were punished for the witness's actions?"

Kim also claimed that he had forged a private document.

Kim replied, "Please tell me what private documents I have forged."

At the end of the inquiry, Senator Kim urged Vice Minister Kim to respond by saying, "Go to the investigation agency, not me."

Kim also called for a meeting to discuss how to accuse Kim.
In addition, the Democratic Party's Citation Clinton said, "It is very similar to the process that I estimated." Mr. Kim seems to have found a way because he is not a victim or a family of victims. Loaded.

But Mr. Pyo said, "What's the matter? I wouldn't have had a problem if it did as it was when the National Assembly asked for the submission. Please understand it. "

Rep. Kim Hyun-a, the Liberal Party of Korea, said, "Is there only a woman who suffers from various problems in Korea? Mr. Yoon Ji-o. It is not guaranteed that sincerity is not guaranteed." .

As the controversy grew, the national sentiment was once reconciled.

During the regular session, there were voices calling for the auditor's appreciation for Mr. Kim.

Mr. Kim said, "I accept the position of lawmakers that are not appropriate at this time. I sincerely respond to the request for materials for several months and sincerely apologize to them for not telling me in advance."

Representative Kim Hyun-ah asked Kim to write about his background for his personal donation to support Mr. Yoon's lodging, and Kim said he would respond.

(Photo = Yonhap News)