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World-wide by Spain: the ex of the newspaper from Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo to Carlos Vermut


When Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo was about to take a seat in the Opinion area of ​​EL MUNDO, in November 2000, Irene Lozano was among those who gave her the welcome

When Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo was preparing to take a seat in the Opinion area of ​​EL MUNDO, in November 2000, Irene Lozano was among those who welcomed her to the section, then led by Pedro G. Cuartango and with Lucía Méndez Among its members. Álvarez de Toledo recalls what he thought was "the newspaper's watchtower, with high-voltage meetings, fuss, political smell, a hurricane enthusiasm"; and also to those who worked at his side, for example Eduardo Inda , a few meters from that newly landed fellow from the United Kingdom.

Álvarez de Toledo and Lozano would meet again on numerous occasions, beyond that bustling wording, for example in Congress; one, on the PP bench; the other, in the PSOE. His former colleagues, like Cuartango, Méndez and also Álex Sàlmon , were not so far away, because in the analysis of what was happening in the country they were forced to observe these two former partners.

Irene Lozano, at the newspaper's headquarters on Pradillo Street, FERNANDO MÚGICA

There are Spaniards around the world, but also world-wide people in Spain, some apparently accidental, such as Carlos Vermut , author of Magical Girl and Who will sing to you , fellow in Illustration while Irene Lozano and Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo participated in the production of the editorials. Vermut, the filmmaker says, was impressed to agree as soon as he arrived with the newspaper's director ... in the bathroom. It's not the only one. «I remember that the first day of practice I went to the service and I had to pee shoulder to shoulder with Pedro J. Ramírez . When I left, I met Francisco Álvarez Cascos at the door and I left with the feeling of having spent the afternoon as a passerby in the cartoons of a comic ». This is remembered by Carlos Pereiro Carlangas , vocalist of the band Novedades Carminha, who in those first two months dedicated the working days to design graphics and on weekends to sing in the bowling that arose through the homeland. «Making lyrics and music is not something very different: it is also about telling stories, although it is true that you do it in a field that allows you to fly creatively, there is no reason to adjust to reality and you can use other types of artistic resources », The singer reflects.

Fran Llorente (left), promoter of La 2 Noticias on TVE, with Lorenzo Milá.AC

Vermouth, on the other hand, values ​​"the advice of Luis Parejo and Ulises Culebro" when it comes to Enlightenment, "to create an imaginary and then take advantage of the strength of the symbolic and narrative elements in the cinema."

Apart from the award-winning scripts of Vermouth, some stories in this newspaper seem like a movie, for example the beginnings of Lozano, who gave free rein to his passion for writing through the format of the letter to the director. “'We are going to publish it to you and we want you to come to practice,' they answered after sending one on the general strike of 1994,” explains the current Secretary of State of Global Spain. This is how Lozano sells the journalistic brand he met at that time: «A heterogeneous, eclectic newspaper, with such a clear editorial position that an immense plurality could be allowed among its columnists».

Javier Bardají, general director of Atresmedia Televisión.ALBERTO CUÉLLAR

At 24, this linguist threw years on "with serious clothes for the first meetings" and, "according to the Cuartango shirt as editor-in-chief," he had an idea of ​​how the day would run in his section. Lozano practically crossed paths with Javier Bardají , who left the newspaper in 1995. Before, also with 24 years, I was already writing in the Communication supplement edited by Víctor de la Serna, when suddenly ... «'You are going to Italy this Monday', Pedro J. and Alfonso de Salas released me, and I was there almost a year, learning in Corriere della Sera ». The current general director of Atresmedia Televisión would combine the creation of articles with the newly assigned Marketing Department, for which he had moved to Milan, unexpectedly: «At the launch of the weekend offer, in the year 91, we beat a record and we sold a million copies, ”he notes.

Film director Carlos Vermut.EFE

Although the smoke really came from tobacco, Bardají relives that "boiling wording", as described by Fran Llorente , director of Projects and Corporate Strategy of RTVE, former director of News of the public chain, architect of La 2 Noticias and, in a previous stage, promoter of EL MUNDO: «I consider myself modestly one of the founders of the newspaper, although in a secondary role, making zero numbers of the Campus university supplement, in 1989». Thirty years later, Llorente highlights how «on television it is possible to fill a minute more easily, while in a newspaper you get used to talking yes or yes with sources ... Working in the press did me a lot of good to avoid the temptation of that copy- ", says who at that time signed as formal" as Fco. Javier Llorente. "

Through the wide arc of the media there are many who profiled trade in EL MUNDO: Fernando Garea , president of the Efe agency; Jesús Maraña , director of Infolibre ; Borja Echevarría , deputy director of El País ; Gumersindo Lafuente , deputy director of El Diario ; in addition to the well-known former directors with their own digital publication, from Ramírez ( El Español ) to Casimiro García-Abadillo ( El Independiente ).

Carlos Pereiro 'Carlangas', vocalist of Novedades Carminha, at the center of this group image.

Santiago González , general director of Antena 3 Noticias, also contributed to shaping this newspaper. Melchor Miralles, Rubén Amón, Javier Gómez, Silvia Intxaurrondo, Carlos Cuesta and many others fused by these sheets in the written word, before colonizing screens and dials. If graphics are sought, Alberto Cairo excels in the US. There is no shortage of the former EL MUNDO in the Communication Department of the companies, see Mirta Drago , within Mediaset Spain. Among the managers, Luis Enriquez appears as CEO of Vocento; in the same editorial group in which Cuartango writes, for ABC. Should we consider them strangers or competition? Not quite. All of them are from this world.

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