Tax evasion of corporate tax of 120 million yen Arrested former president of real estate company October 23, 11:43

Former president of a real estate company in Tokyo, which deals with consulting and seminars for investment condominiums, hid income of more than 400 million yen by means of accumulating fictitious losses and evaded corporate tax of 120 million yen. Arrested by the Tokyo District Prosecutor's Office.

Mr. Kazuhiko Kanai (39), former president of real estate company “Wahiko” in Minato-ku, Tokyo, was arrested.

According to the Tokyo District Prosecutor's Special Search Department, President Kanai said that he had taxed about 120 million yen, concealing the company's income of more than 400 million yen, by recording a fictitious loss in the three years until Otosato, Suspected violation of corporate tax law.

According to a private credit bureau, President Kanai founded his company in 2011, and he grew his business by selling real estate transactions and consulting and seminars on investment condominiums for individual customers.

However, due to the fact that Suruga Bank has revealed the problem of illegal financing of investment real estate, its business performance has deteriorated.

The Special Search Department and the Tokyo Taxation Bureau will analyze the materials confiscated during the search and seek to elucidate the actual situation of the flow of funds.