Tanja Jess does not recognize herself at all in the characters she regularly plays. The actress finds herself emotionally fairly stable, but notices that her characters are less so.

"I don't know that many peaks and troughs," said the 52-year-old actress, who adds that she now feels something different because she is in transition, talking to De Telegraaf .

Jess sees a pattern in the characters she plays. "Remarkably actually, that I always play from those crazy types. In Good Times, Bad Times like Bowien, In Relatives like Fien and now as Wendoline (in the play My husband doesn't understand me , ed.)."

Social pressure is an important topic in the play. Jess plays a psychologist who accompanies two sisters, played by Victoria Koblenko and Anouk Maas. Both sisters struggle with a lot of external pressure. Jess says he recognizes that pressure.

"We all come across here once in life. I also experience that social pressure. So I participate just as hard by posting only the best photos on social media. But it paints a distorted picture of reality Because of course we don't live the perfect life. "