"I asked the Treasury Secretary to lift all the sanctions imposed on October 14 in response to Turkey's" offensive against Syria's Kurds, "said Donald Trump on Wednesday (October 23rd), the White House. A decision by the US president to greet the ceasefire along the Syrian border, announced Tuesday evening by Turkey. These sanctions will be reinstated "if something happens that we do not like," warned the US president

Donald Trump said he had received assurances from Ankara that the Turks "stopped their fighting and their offensive in Syria, establishing a permanent ceasefire". "However, you will understand that the word permanent in
this part of the world is quite questionable, "he pondered.

The US Treasury soon confirmed that sanctions against the Turkish Ministers of Defense, Energy and the Interior had been lifted.

The US president also said that a "small number of US" soldiers would stay in Syria, "in areas where there is oil."

"Countries in the region must take responsibility and help Turkey and Syria secure their borders," he added.

US "efforts" in Syria

At the same time, Mazloum Ebdi, a Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) commander, associating several Syrian Kurdish militias, said that the cessation of hostilities with Turkey had been made possible by the efforts of the United States.

The commander added that Donald Trump had promised to maintain his support for Kurdish forces in the region.

The US president has been under fire since his unexpected decision to withdraw his troops from northern Syria, giving free rein to a Turkish military offensive against Kurds in the region since 9 October.

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