The emotional separation that took place between the young singer Mohamed El Sharnouby and producer Sarah El Tabbakh seems to still affect the career of the young artist. The former fiancée insists on fighting him technically and suspending his works by virtue of a contract he signed with her during the engagement. He cannot pay the penalty clause for his dissolution. Al-Sharnouby had signed a new film titled "Tape 6" with the artist Khaled El-Sawy and directed by Mohamed Salama. After signing the company producer Ahmed Abdel Basit was surprised by an ultimatum from producer Sarah El-Tabbak, former fiancee of Sharnouby warning him against cooperation with Al-Sharnouby. particle e.

In an open challenge to Sarah cook decided Sharnoubi participation in the series "My share and divide" in the third part of a story consisting of 5 episodes with the young artist Huda Mufti, who participated with her starring in the series "as if Ambarh", which achieved a very great success through it .. From the filming of the episodes of the series so far, no direct legal action has been taken against the producer of the series, the company "Synergy" owned by Tamer Morsy, the first producer in Egypt and chairman of the Egyptian Media Company, which enjoys the first and almost sole power in production and presentation in Egypt and is currently the official media. And no one knows on Specifically, will it reverse the prosecution of Morsi, or will it continue to punish Morsi and go to court against Morsi, the labor producer, and bear the consequences of disagreements with this company, which has great strength in Egyptian production?

Sara Al-Tabbakh issued a statement saying: "Earth Production warns gentlemen representatives of companies working in the field of artistic, propaganda and media not to contract directly with the artist Mohammed Sharnoubi without reference to the company and direct contract with them, where" Earth Production "is the exclusive agent for the management of business The artist in all artistic fields according to the contract between the company and the artist dated 1-9-2017 ".