Specified danger designated gang "Kudokai" top insist on innocence Kitakyushu October 23 16:43

In the four cases allegedly designated as “Kudo-kai” by Kitakyushu City ’s designated danger gang, the first trial of Satoshi Nomura, the head of the organization charged with crimes such as murder, was opened. Insist on innocence.

Regarding the Kudokai, the head of the organization, defender Satoru Nomura (72) and number 2, chairman Fumio Tagami (63), were fired by the former union chief of the fishery cooperative between 1998 and 2014. Crimes such as murder and attempted murder as being involved in four cases: incidents, gunshots of former police officers who had been investigating the Kudokai for many years, attacks by nurses at cosmetic surgery clinics, and attacks by dentists Has been asked.

At the first trial held at the Fukuoka District Court on the 23rd, Defendant Nomura insisted that "I am not guilty of all four cases."

In addition, Defendant Taue innocently claimed that he was “I do n’t remember.

The prosecutor said about the shooting killing of the former union chief of the fishery cooperative, “Kudokai asked for the convenience of the construction of the port, etc., but the former union chief did not respond, so the defendants Nomura decided to kill, I instructed the subordinates. "

As for the former police officer's shooting case, “When defendant Nomura met a former police officer who criticized himself, he said,“ You should move too much. In addition to explaining the circumstances, and in the other two cases, Defendants Nomura, who had dissatisfaction with the victims, claimed that they had attacked.

On the other hand, the defendant's lawyer insisted that he was “abuse of the right to prosecute in an illegal investigation. He had never conspired or commanded the executioners.”

In the future, the court will determine whether 91 or more witnesses will be called, and the court will judge whether it was an organized crime of Kudokai based on the command of the top, with the prospect that it will continue until next summer at a pace of twice a week. Will be the focus.