Singer Jang Beom-jun commented on a post by his wife, Song Seung-ah, and got on Gu Sul Soo.

Song posted a poster on his SNS on the 22nd with the words, "Kim Ji-young, who was born in # 82, but no one knew it. I know what I mean. Come soon, tomorrow."

It was an article expressing interest in the film and empathy for the subject matter. The problem began when her husband, Jang Beom-jun, commented "????".

The netizens who saw the comments decided from the response, "I wonder if it's difficult to understand what it means or whether it's a negative reaction to the movie." The comment appeared.

Jang Beom-jun had only four question marks. Even though I didn't say anything to limit the meaning, netizens wrote speculative comments that contained their views.

After a series of negative comments, Song deleted the post. However, the article spread to community sites and the debate continues.

Jang Beom-jun and Song Seung-ah married in 2014 and had a daughter and a son.

Born in 1982, Kim Ji-young was born in 1982 and lives today in 2019. Like the novel that sparked the feminist craze, interest in movies is also beating online and offline.

(SBS funE Kim Ji-hye)