It does not disturb who wants but who can, and in the house of GH VIP 7 are all experts in this to drive the staff crazy. The division that exists in the house is increasingly clear and, therefore, increasingly unbearable. On one side is the Adara team, formed by Maestro Joao, Pol and the new additions, Estela and Gianmarco . Some incorporations that do not quite convince me and that smell of singe, the singe of someone who has smelled that Adara is one of the favorites of the audience and, as my grandmother used to say, you have to get close to the sun that warms the most. Right now, Adara is the moon, the sun and the stars.

On the other hand, there are the 'Pijitanas', led by Alba Carrillo , that if there was little left to lose his head, he already does not find it, and among those are Noemí, El Cejas, Antonio David and when he is interested Mila Ximenez . The fact that two of its members have decided to change sides has caused the 'leader', that is, Alba Carrillo, has ended up losing the little sanity that remained. As it was seen last night at GH VIP: Limit 48 hours , your nomination has been the fuse that lit the bomb.

Jorge Javier Vázquez said it , Alba Carrillo is doing a "loser" contest, and when you have nothing to gain or nothing to lose, you don't care about 8 or 80 and whoever leads you ahead. The first on the list is none other than Gianmarco.

Alba Carrillo and Gianmarco's onanism

The Italian has become overnight the target of Alba Carrillo's anger . According to her, she doesn't want to know anything about him, or have any kind of relationship with him, but in order not to love her well, that after the Sunday debate Alba Carrillo went for him with all his artillery. I swear that I will rarely see a moment as surreal as that of Ya's collaborator, it 's noon telling Gianmarco that she was afraid to go to the bathroom in case she got pregnant. A fine way, to call it somehow, to tell him that Gianmarco's visits to the bathroom are to pray to Onan , yes, the one in the Bible, the one that spilled on the ground so as not to give seed.

In that row Alba Carrillo was uncovered as a classist and evil woman, who does not hesitate to send her country to the Italian and sow the doubt about her scumbags to the service in order to harm and plunge into misery who she considers a treacherous manual .

It is true that Gianmarco has changed sides overnight, but it is also true that nothing has to do with the roll that the team of the Pijitanas brings with the roll of the Adara team, and that Adara is not in his Best time, harassed and persecuted for anything you do at home. In short, the house is a full-fledged time bomb.

Antonio David calling "tarada" and sending Adara to the "thinking corner" ; Adara losing her temper with Estela for a comment that if it takes place three weeks ago she doesn't move even half her hair; Alba Carrillo with the shotgun loaded against Gianmarco and against the program, which has put down a donkey without anyone, or organization, or presenter, or address say more than a "we know that the audience is angry and that you have not Like us either, "and one" has a loser speech, from someone who knows he hasn't done a good contest and is looking for the argument outside because he knows it's not shining . " Ball point, nothing more, nothing less. How it shows that it is from the house!

I play one hand and the fingers of the other to the fact that if another is the one that puts reality on a donkey and describes it as manipulative and biased, the octopus, squid and whale falls, but as who Alba Carrillo says it, as it is on payroll in Telecinco and as it is from the house, because we tell you the just thing, poor thing, who does not know what he is doing. Come now! It is not that he has only left GH VIP bitumen up to the point that he has said real derisions and accusations that leave the program at the feet of the horses. That someone who is participating in the reality says that it is biased, that they manipulate the videos, that they misrepresent things, that they put them cut, that they seek to harm the contestants ... And they say a simple one to us we did not like either ? To that dog with another bone.

What GH VIP did not tell Alba Carrillo

Alba Carrillo last night should have taken a good rapapolvo and did not take even half of half of the half, but also gave him wings to continue his attack on Gianmarco who was the weakest he said was "you are the king of betrayal . "

It is true that when they showed him the images of the anger they had after the GH VIP Debate, Alba's face was a poem. Silly is not and knows that he screwed up the hock. I even thought I saw the occasional tear contained in the eye socket. But they were not tears of bad conscience, they were tears of rage , of knowing that he had screwed up and had become crazy, of knowing that he had lost the papers to unsuspected limits, of knowing that in his unrest he had sent the Italian to your country, and all the week that is nominated.

Who can say that living like this is easy? Nobody. Imagine going to work and being in an environment where you have to choose sides, friendships, supports, etc. and that if by any chance you happen to deal with the enemy they will judge you and condemn life imprisonment. Well, that's Gianmarco , no matter how much his move is to get close to the sun that warms the most and for the interest I love Andres. In the end this is a game of strategy and coexistence. GH VIP is played looking for support in the house to make a majority group that kills each other in the nominations. Gianmarco is clear about it and the lizard cagà has been sought to be part of the group that knows it is difficult for the audience to expel. The same as Estela, that although she wants to show how she wants Adara, that she is her friend, that she supports her and that she is going to defend her by cape or sword, the reality is that they are with her for what they are.

Totally lawful, everyone is playing, but do not try to deceive with tricks that nobody believes. It is true that Adara is already touched . The last weeks in which El Cejas has pursued her to the full, that she has watched what she ate, what she did, the shower time, sleep, everything in general, have taken a toll on the former great sister. In addition, one thing happens, everyone already knows that Adara is the one with the most ballots to become the winner of GH VIP 7 and all those who have not been with her since minute one seek, not only to diminish her morale, but to get minutes of videos at your expense.

For example, Antonio David Flores, who last week recriminated and reproached Jorge Javier who did not give him the minutes he deserved , has realized that having a fight with Adara and causing the outbreak that came later, not only gets videos but also to spend time in the galas. So the simple fact of telling him to turn off the sink faucet is more than enough to make a fuss and fat and get what he has been looking for for 6 weeks: stop being a zero on the left .

What a pelotera they both had. And here, I'm sorry, but I have to agree with Adara. Someone telling you to turn off the tap is not enough reason for you to speak to someone like Antonio David addressed her. What is it about sending her to the corner of thinking and talking to her as if she were talking to a three-year-old girl. That Adara lost her nerves a little, of course, but who would not lose them when you have halfway home watching and watching everything you do and hoping to jump to the minimum to get a few minutes of glory.

According to Antonio David, Adara doesn't get along with anyone in case she doesn't, "I wouldn't be at home." How? Adara does not get along with who is looking for her all day and provoking her and with whom she has spent half reality watching them happen. Adara is up to the bun of bitter, sad, and angry ... And that does not mean that when they look for her they find her, because no matter how much they say that Adara only appears in the galas, they don't even believe it. But if everything revolves around Adara because without Adara none would have even half a minute of television ! In the end they are going to have to be the ones who end up thanking her for having raised an issue that they were killing for absolute blows.

Such tension cannot lead to anything other than looking at everyone with a magnifying glass. Adara is very clever and knows that the only one she can count on and that she will be loyal is Master Joao, not even Pol, who comes from outside and knows perfectly who is the audience's favorite. That is why, during the fight with Antonio David, he saw Estela laugh, it felt so bad. That his head went away and he mounted a chicken with three pairs of noses, yes , but, I insist, I would like to see more than one and more than two in the pressure situation they are subjected to Adara.

Adara was pissed off, Estela was offended because Adara got angry and at the end of the show last night they ended up screaming again. I am realizing that galas and programs are becoming the psychiatrist's couch . There they arrive, they release all the shit, they teach them their videos of betrayals, insults and unhappiness and to vent that the program has to follow.

Mila Ximénez, a sad clown

And then there is Mila Ximénez. Sálvame's collaborator is like the sad clown in the stories. Nothing comes well, everything saddens her and she doesn't know where she is or where to go. It is the great drama of this edition. Why? Because Mila Ximénez has never really wanted to be there. Already in the first week threatened to leave I do not know how many times and the thing has not gone better. He falls, rises, falls again, rises again, he hits her again, Jorge Javier saves him , but in reality Mila, and I'm going to say it in silver, is up to the balls of being there, in a house in which they spend the day arguing, betraying, talking behind their backs, stabbing. And that when she feels like it, well that she bites too. Come on, don't push and prick!

But then the galas arrive and Mila Ximénez collapses, deflates and only helium arrives to fly when one of those who can't stand starring in a row. Then it does jump, shriek, shout and send to take it for an ass and fuck whoever it is. It's like the Simpson's cat lady . As long as nobody bothers her or addresses her all great, but as someone gets too close, she starts throwing cats everywhere.

How could it be otherwise the bitterness of Mila Ximénez made an appearance on a more tense night. After Jorge Javier announced that the saved by the audience in the nominations was Pol Badía and that Alba Carrillo and El Cejas were nominated, JJ sought his friend. He saw his face and as they know each other from the years of pissing off, he knew that Mila was speaking or exploding, or vice versa .

"Mila, do you want to make some reflection?" JJ asked. "Bah!" Replied the collaborator as saying 'what the hell am I going to say anything if this is a godless', but if they puncture her, it bleeds. "Nobody is laughing at anyone here, but I'm going to say something because if I don't bust. I have noticed how they laughed at me on certain occasions, like when I didn't want to dress up, like when I didn't want to wear the swimsuit, like when I have had anxiety attacks ... That is called laughing at. And I have eaten it with chips. What I would ask now is that we at least make our lives a little more pleasant. If there is one day someone wants to have fun , if someone wants to sleep, if someone does not want to dance, such as me, that Zeppelin has not hired me to dress as a flamenco, or a fallera, or dance to you ... I ask everyone to do their contest, to do whatever comes out of his soul, but that we make our lives easier. " That is to say, if Mila Ximénez wants to go to sleep, no one can beat her or complicate her life because she does not have the parrús for parties .

And in a way Mila is right. He is right when he said that the situation is to go crazy, when he said that there are two groups and that one is getting weakened, when he said that she felt in the middle, but I cannot give him the reason even when he said that the group Pijitanas was doing the contest with his heart and the rest with his head. Oh, the dangerous friendships of Mila Ximénez , who has well eaten Alba Carrillo's head.

And to cut the discussion, because in the end everything ends in discussion, Mila asked to see if it was possible to laugh even if they were only 5 minutes a day. "Well, let's see if you apply it," Adara said, that something else will not have - and has many - but answering the hustlers knows how to make death. And then JJ, with the confidence that gives being friends, wanted to relax a little program that had been very bronco and he came up with the grace that everyone paid attention to Mila and laughed a little. They listened to him, took out his fake smile and Mila got pissed off. "To take for the ass, for the fuck now, for the ass to take the gala! Hala! There were five minutes of gala left and Mila went into a rage and burst .

A cigarette, a little affection from Master Joao and Mila returned to the house, to endure again the hesitation of JJ, who was not going to let go of rositas: "Mila, is it true that when you are expelled you want to come disguised as hen on set? " . To take for an ass, yes sir!

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