“Is Kansai Electric Power the“ victim ”of Moriyama? “October 23, 16:00

“Mr. Moriyama is a ridiculous person, but it's strange that Kansai Electric Power looks like a victim.” The problem that executives of Kansai Electric Power received over 300 million yen came to light. Another word we heard in Takahama Town, Fukui Prefecture. What kind of person was Mr. Eiji Moriyama, a former assistant who had continued the relationship while wearing down the nerves, saying that Kansai Electric Power's past executives "need to maintain the relationship as much as possible without damaging the mood"? When I interviewed in Takahama Town, I saw a different aspect from Kansai Electric Power's explanation. (Kansai Electric Power Problem Coverage Group)

"What are you doing now"

Cash, oval, gold coins, suit tickets. This problem that executives of Kansai Electric Power received money that was unthinkable by common sense.

The gift was a former assistant in Takahama Town where the nuclear power plant is located. However, when I heard the story locally, I heard an unexpected voice.

“It ’s been a long time ago and it ’s honest to say“ What's up now ”” (local builder executive)

The man of this trader continued to say:

“When we asked Kanden,“ Why do I have to pass Mr. Moriyama? ”, He did not answer at all. It was an untouchable, top-secret part.

Mr. Moriyama entered the Takahama Town Hall in 1969 at the request of the mayor of the time. After that, he moved forward with unusual speed, and served as an assistant in 1977-62.

After retiring, he became an advisor to Kansai Electric Power's subsidiary “Kanden Plant,” and also worked as a consultant at local construction companies and maintenance companies that undertake nuclear-related work. Died in

The facts that Kansai Electric Power concealed in the days of life are now erupting all at once as Mr. Moriyama passes away.

“Back Mayor” “Talk to Mr. Moriyama”

After interviewing another person involved in the construction industry, we were told one after another that Mr. Moriyama had great power locally.

“I had to pass Mr. Moriyama since I was an assistant, and I was not able to get work from Kansai Electric Power. It was stronger than the mayor.” (Local construction industry officials)

“After I became an assistant, I bought the work and negotiation skills, and I started talking to Mr. Moriyama instead of the mayor. So I got the nickname of“ Emperor ”or“ Back Mayor ”. "" (Another contractor)

The size of the existence was also evident in the salary at that time.
The monthly salary received from the town in 1977 when Moriyama helped was 335,000 yen. On the other hand, the mayor was 305,000 yen.

Mr. Moriyama, the assistant, is 30,000 yen more than the mayor, and it is said that this relationship lasted for five years. It can influence orders for Kansai Electric Power's nuclear power plant-related construction, and it has the power to surpass the mayor. Why has such an anomalous structure been accepted as a “thing that doesn't change for granted” for many years locally?

Mr. Michi Tanaka (93), the former mayor of the town, who was responsible for the town administration for the five years from 1982 to 1987 when Mr. Moriyama was an assistant, was the source of the power of Mr. Moriyama's relationship with Kansai Electric It is said that it was.

“When talking about the nuclear power plant, the assistant was the contact person, and when I came to Kansai Electric Power, there was almost no story like the weather, and there was almost no deep story. Mr. Moriyama was the man, who was the mayor. There was also a story about not knowing which was the assistant. "

Risking when you're in a bad mood ...

The Kansai Electric Power Company's October 2 meeting pointed out that he had taken the utmost care as a leading local person.

“Mr. Moriyama is an influential member of the nuclear power location town, and advises and cooperates with the Company in responding to the region. There is a risk of exercising and taking actions that interfere with power plant operations. ''

"Once you feel bad ..."

There were many such testimonies.

“We used a method of tricking people who made statements that they did n’t like even a little, and mentally chasing them. Some people were driven into business in town.”

“When I met my face, I had a memory that was very high for the town, and it was a tough person for the prefecture, town, and Kanden. It was a two-sided person who never showed me. "

What happens at the time of nuclear power plant expansion

Why has the relationship between Mr. Moriyama and Kansai Electric Power deepened so far?
In the Kansai Electric Power Research Report, it is explained as follows.

“In the 1950s, we received a great deal of cooperation in attracting the expansion of Takahama Nuclear Power Station No. 3 and 4 and regional arrangements, and since then we have established a good relationship with Mr. Moriyama so that the nuclear power business can proceed smoothly. "

"For Kanden-san"

The movement toward the expansion of Units 3 and 4 of Takahama nuclear power plant in the 50s of the Showa 50th. A local man in his 80s told me in detail how Moriyama was trying to persuade the district he was against.

“One night, during a discussion with the residents, Mr. Moriyama was violently struck by one of the mayors who opposed the expansion. At that time, Mr. Moriyama, who would normally be extremely high, endured. I think I understood that the Kansai Electric Power plant wouldn't be able to expand without the trust of the local ward.

“For regional economic development”

In addition, there is a testimony from a local equipment contractor who was related to Mr. Moriyama.

“Personally speaking, it ’s a common skin, or“ I ’d like to do this, I ’d like to do something like this. ”” Was n’t it? ”

“I always mentioned the word“ for Takahama Town, for the locals ”and I think it is an indispensable person for the locals.”

At the end of "interdependence"

Kansai Electric Power's report also states that “Mr. Moriyama always wants to cherish the local community” and “I want to order from local companies for the development of the local economy.” There was a match. "

In 2005, following the accident that five people were killed by high-temperature steam blown off at the Mihama Nuclear Power Station Unit 3, Kansai Electric Power Co., Ltd. Relocated to Mihama Town in the Shonan area of ​​Fukui Prefecture, the same as Takahama Town. Officers will be stationed locally under the name of “local symbiosis”, further deepening the relationship.

On the other hand, the “local companies” were limited to a few companies where Mr. Moriyama breathed. Money collected from such companies as a “fee” is believed to have been the source of money that Mr. Moriyama gave to Kansai Electric Power executives. It is this “interdependence” composition between Kansai Electric Power and Mr. Moriyama that has been gathered from many local testimony interviews.

“After all, Kanden could use his teacher (Mr. Moriyama) very conveniently. In many ways, Kanden would have been easy to use.

Mr. Takumi Kodama, a member of the Motomachi parliament, who has served as the local mayor for many years. He says he feels a strong sense of incongruity in Kansai Electric's attitude that behaves like a victim.

“Mr. Moriyama is certainly not going to defend with a ridiculous person. However, it is true that Kansai Electric Power has been using Mr. Moriyama for a long time.

The “interdependence” structure between Kansai Electric Power and Mr. Moriyama, which has been seen by over 100 people.

We will tell in detail in the program “Close-up Hyundai + Kansai Electric Power / What's behind the receipt of money” from 23:00 on Wednesday, October 23.