Actor Shim Hyung-Tak's reviews on the online shopping mall are hot topics.

Today's (23th) online community has posted a post titled "Sum Hyung-Tak's recent status." The post included Shim Hyung-Tak who bought a selfie stick and left a post.
"Received the goods well. The delivery is fast and the selfie stick is so good. The review photo is a selfie stick taken at the drama studio. Thank you. "And a picture of the product certification.

The photo includes a selfie photo taken by Shim Hyung-Tak using a selfie stick and a stylist's photograph of herself taking a selfie.
In the unexpected (?) Space, the netizens who met the recent situation of Shim Hyung-Tak responded explosively by leaving comments such as "I'm so cute", "I'm so cute," and "I'm so good."

(Photo = Online Store Capture)

(SBS substar)