In "Culture Media", the two directors evoke their new film, "Hors standards", which focuses on the daily lives of two men working with people with autism.


Two years after The Meaning of the Party , Éric Toledano and Olivier Nakache are back in theaters with a new film, Hors standards , coming out Wednesday. This is a total change of tone compared to their last achievement. In this feature film, the duo follows the lives of two men, Bruno (Vincent Cassel) and Malik (Reda Kateb) at the head of two associations. They train young people from difficult neighborhoods to supervise adults with severe autism. The two filmmakers explain their approach in Media Culture on Europe 1.

"We found their fight admirable"

There is no chance. If Éric Toledano and Olivier Nakache have decided to realize Hors standards , it is because the subject touches them particularly. "About twenty years ago, Éric met one of the two people ( Bruno, played by Vincent Cassel in the film, ed .) He asked us to film the principle of his association to be able to show what he was doing, "describes Olivier Nakache. This meeting upset the two authors. "(With Bruno) We did not leave during these 20 years," he says.

Throughout the meetings, the idea of ​​a project around these associations sprang up in the minds of the two filmmakers. "We found their fight admirable and we wondered how to bring them to light," says Olivier Nakache. "We have transposed to the screen everything that we have been told, or what we have experienced."

"Yes, there were crises on the set"

In the cast, we find Vincent Cassel and Reda Kateb, but the two filmmakers chose to appeal to the real supervisors of the associations concerned and to adults in real situation of severe autism. "Yes, there were crises on the set, but as we took the real references in the film, they knew how to handle crises during filming," says Eric Toledano. Hors standards had been presented out of competition at the closing of the last Cannes Film Festival.