British supermodel and actress Kara Deleving has teamed up with Samsung to be the first person to receive Space Selfie as part of the company's latest intergalactic mission, which will be launched on October 23.

Samsung customers can also take the opportunity to take a "space selfie" by sending their pictures to the company's Mission Control website.

The winners will be randomly selected, with their images appearing in space until the competition ends on October 31.

Space selfies are being applied using the Galaxy S10 5G, one of which was moved to a height of 65,000 feet (19,812 meters) above the ground in a helium balloon.
Giant is able to withstand temperatures up to minus 65 ° C. The other is in the newly opened Samsung KX, which opened at Kings Cross in London.

The space phone will receive selfies sent from the Earth and put them in live snapshots of the planet, creating a limited and customized Space Selfie.

The image will then be sent directly to the owner, for posting on social media.