"Imperial Religion Ceremony" is arranged in the case of rain, October 22 11:08

The Imperial Household Agency has decided to place it in the case of rain when the Emperor declares the imprisonment inside and outside the “ceremony of the Seirei Seiden”.

In the ceremonies, officials such as the Imperial Household Agency and the Cabinet Secretariat, who came to wear old-fashioned costumes, were supposed to line up in the courtyard of the Imperial Palace.

“Garden actors” 25 people placed in palace corridors, etc.

In the “Imperial Court,” 78 “gardens” are on the courtyard of the palace, wearing costumes of traditional warriors and civilians, carrying swords and bows and arrows, etc. It was supposed to be.

However, because the clothes are vulnerable to rain, the Imperial Household Agency decided to change the arrangement, and the number of “garden actors” was reduced to 25 and placed in the palace corridor.

Large and small 26 banners called “Ban” in the courtyard are raised as scheduled.