"Today my life has burst through the air into millions of pieces impossible to recompose. My soul and my heart have broken into millions of pieces. Today I feel dying . My light, my Star, my life, my angel, my .. . " Thus began the sad message of Yurena , published on his Instagram account, with which he announced the death of his mother, Margarita Seisdedos , at 91 years of age.

"I have loved you, I love you and I will love you with all my soul, more than my own life, until the end of my days. I would have given my life to save yours, " continued his message which was known as Tamara, the bad Margarita Seisdedos was the woman who defended her daughter with nails and teeth for all the programs and all the television sets that dared to attack her little girl.

A woman who did not care or what they would say or what they could say because their only goal was to defend and care for their daughter Yurena. Since 2013 Margarita Seisdedos suffered severe Alzheimer's disease , a disease that had her entering and leaving the hospital. In recent days his condition had worsened until he was admitted to the hospital where he died.

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It was in that year, in 2013, when the always fun and controversial appearances of Margarita Seisdedos on television were decreasing until her daughter confirmed the illness she suffered.

Margarita Seisdedos was born in Villarino de los Aires (Salamanca) on September 22, 1928. Her daughter, Yurena, was everything to her. He enrolled his daughter in singing classes, helped her in everything she could to get her dream of being an artist, and when in 2000 she published her single with the themes of I did not change and A for you , reaching the first position of Music sales lists in Spain for 10 consecutive weeks, his mother was always there.

But he arrived on television, Paco Porras arrived, Martian Chronicles arrived and Yurena's dream, but above all Margarita Seisdedos' dream, began to truncate. Yurena, at that time Tamara, began to be popular when one day at the beginning of the year 2000 it was in the background in a video of the seer Paco Porras for Martian Chronicles.

Criticisms of his daughter multiplied and Margarita Seisdedos did not hesitate to defend her for a second with brick in the bag included. Her daughter had fallen into the trap of television, in the trap of montages, of the delightful television shows ... She became part of the assembly in which she and Paco Porrás claimed to be waiting for a son. It was all a lie. Yurena entered through the big door in the maelstrom of what many called 'telebasura'.

They were difficult years for his mother who had to deal with each other and defend his daughter's honor. He never fell in love and always faced the one who attacked his daughter. If they were paparazzi, against paparazzi; if he was a collaborator, against a collaborator; If I was a journalist against a journalist. Sow firm, always tough.

His daughter toured the sets, realities and programs of the heart of all the chains. He was at Hotel Glam, practically daily in Here there is tomato , where are you heart? , Taste to you , By your side ... and your mother always by your side. The music was set aside despite having had the support of great artists, such as Alaska.

In 2010 he declares in Save Me and Public Mirror that he is preparing his return to the world of music, that he has several record offers that he is studying. On March 24, 2011, he attended a day as a visit with Pocholo to the reality show The Telecinco Reunion to honor the Hotel Glam program. A year later he returns to music, but Margarita Seisdedos no longer has the prominence he had in the past.

But it wasn't until 2016 when her daughter participated in Survivors when Margarita Seisdedos finally said goodbye. It was the last time that Seisdedos participated in a television program and he did it by telephone to send a message of support to his daughter: "I am well, that is calm that thanks to God I can not complain. I send you a kiss no, 50 kisses and you have to win . "

From then on Margarita Seisdedos's health deteriorated. Yurena was in charge of taking care of her and being with her until the end and it was in Save Me when she related what they were suffering: "It is difficult to think that she will not be the one she was, that she will never be able to go with me anywhere again, that I will not be able to ask for advice again because she does not speak. Now she looks like a girl, she has always been an oak, a mother of courage . "

"You have been the best mom in the world and I am proud of you to infinity. I love you madly, " said her daughter to say goodbye to Margarita Seisdedos, the mother of television courage.

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