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Mona Al-Qahtani .. UAE businesswoman degree «Deputy Consul»


She was attracted by the diplomatic work, and she loved this work, which made her succeed in serving her homeland for more than 16 years, while working as Deputy Consul General at the UAE Consulate in Munich, Germany, Mona Al-Qahtani, one of the Emiratis who proved their ability to hold positions in the UAE,

Attracted by the diplomatic work, she loved this work, which made her succeed in serving her country for more than 16 years, while working as Deputy Consul General at the UAE Consulate in Munich, Germany.

Mona Al Qahtani, one of the Emirati women who have proven their ability to hold positions in the country, has been able to harness its great scientific potential, to achieve its ambitions related to the challenges of its homeland, in all fields that have been working experience.

Al-Qahtani told Emirates Today: “Since I was a child, I love learning and working, which led me to accompany my father - may God have mercy on him - to continue his work and his keenness to attract, train and qualify people to be able to perform the tasks assigned to them.”

She added: «I was raised in an environment that believes in the importance of science, and instilled in me the principles of patriotism, which is based on the human life is not his property alone, but it is faithful in the neck must be a lofty message, and a noble goal harnessing his entire life to achieve».

Noting that her upbringing in a family that loves science has greatly influenced her intellectual composition, as she was at an early age listening to her father, talking with her older siblings about new titles included in his library, so quickly to browse without understanding the words properly As she went beyond her age, she returned to the books she had read and enjoyed in order to better understand them, stressing that she also owed much thanks to her mother, who directed her to listen to various intellectual television programs, allowing her to look deeply into her future and look forward to the future.

Diplomatic representation

Mona Al-Qahtani joined the UAE University to find a major in political science, and once she graduated in 2002, she was selected to serve in the diplomatic corps. She graduated in several positions until she became Deputy Consul General of the UAE Consulate in Munich, and represented the UAE in several meetings at the United Nations. Various courses, to spend more than 16 years of her life in the service of her country and representation abroad.

She continued: "My career in the diplomatic corps did not prevent me from completing my graduate studies. I got a master's degree in international relations from Cairo University in 2010 on my studies (the concept of nuclear security in the Arab Gulf region) and I am currently preparing for my doctorate in the same field."

The ingredients of success

Unwavering encouragement and unlimited support is one of the most important factors that contributed to Muna Al Qahtani to develop her abilities to serve the country and represent it properly, pointing out that the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, has emphasized since the beginning of the Union to involve women And give them self-confidence, to be a productive member of society, have rights and duties and responsibilities ».

She considered that «another factor is no less important than the support of the wise leadership of the girls of the homeland, is to focus on the education of women, which was one of the first steps taken by the State, and contributed to the provision of many graduates in various disciplines», and by experience abroad, and mixing with representatives Different countries, Al-Qahtani feels proud whenever she touches on the issue of Emirati women and the prestigious status that she has reached. “Many countries focus on employing men only in senior positions in their governments, while Emirati women occupy nearly 30% of the government formation. "That is a lot of admiration."

Skills and experience

Regarding the skills I gained during her trip in the diplomatic corps, the former UAE diplomat says: “My experience was useful and enjoyable, and gave me the flexibility and ability to give and do my best to achieve the interest of the country and the citizen, and devote all the efforts and capabilities available to employ them as required to serve the public interest. The responsibility is not an honor, not a chair and a post, but a secretariat we ask for, which led me to direct contact with the problems of the citizen, and try to find quick and radical solutions to them ». She added: «I learned the true meaning of positive leadership, and how to be a leading figure not a leader, when it comes to the public interest, especially when crowding and disagreement of views».

To entrepreneurship

In 2017, after completing her assignment at the UAE Consulate in Munich, Mona called for the diplomatic corps to address the business and investment world, trying to use her scientific and economic expertise to achieve herself and continue her ambitious career.

“I am proud to be one of the Emirati businesswomen, especially as the women in our country have made great achievements, have contributed to development, a recognition of their role in working life, as well as being an ideal mother,” she says. Al-Qahtani stresses: “My diplomatic representation has earned me many experiences and skills in managing negotiations, making successful deals, taking advantage of every minute of my life, and investing them in achieving a new achievement in addition to my success balance, my acquisition of the art of communicating with the other and risk management, creating creative solutions, and developing plans to face How to evaluate competitors, and more importantly, build successful business relationships with employees and customers. ”

Call .. and dream

Mona Al-Qahtani called on the UAE girls to knock on the doors of all fields, especially the difficult ones, noting that her work over the past 20 years in several areas, proved that the UAE girl is able to shoulder responsibilities, and break into difficulties.

• «I was raised in an environment that believes in the importance of science, and instilled in me the principles of patriotism, which is based on the fact that human life is not his property alone».

• 2017 year in which Muna Al-Qahtani called for diplomatic work.

Source: emara

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