The high school student of the blind school who exchanged with the Emperor and Empress is 21:05 on October 21

The Emperor and Empress visited Niigata Prefecture on the 16th of last month and attended the opening ceremony of the National Culture Festival and the National Arts and Culture Festival for Persons with Disabilities. The next day, we watched how children with disabilities and local elementary and junior high school students and high school students collaborated to make a traditional octopus. Miho Saito, second grader of the Prefectural Niigata School for the Blind, who explained to her Majesty about the octopus, says that he was impressed by the words of the empress.

Saito-san said, “When I explained the fireworks that I drew in Daidako, I said,“ The sound is wonderful. ”Some of us who are blind cannot enjoy the sound. I was very happy to be in touch with you. "

The explanation to both men was about 30 seconds, but the questions from both men were about school life and club activities, and the exchange lasted more than 2 minutes.

In the same way, Ai Ishitsuki, a third-year student at Niigata Koyo Senior High School, who played an explanatory role, said that immediately after meeting his Majesty, his head was completely white, but he felt a gentle thought.

Ishitsuki-san said, “Even if I made a mistake, I was able to speak relaxedly by saying“ It ’s okay. ”When I talked to a wheelchair boy student, “I was impressed that you were talking while you smiled.”

When Ishitsuki-san said that he was studying welfare, his Majesty said, “Please do your best.”

Mr. Ishitsuki said, “When studying welfare, I thought it would be possible to give a sense of security if we were doing it while smiling, looking at whatever kind of person we were in contact with. I was talking. "