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The NH group has chosen St. Pauli, the most attractive, dynamic and rogue neighborhood in Hamburg to open a new Nhow, the brand that encompasses its most creative hotels. The hook, however, is the exact place where the new hotel is to be raised: nothing less than a gigantic bunker built by the Third Reich during World War II.

The imposing Hochbunker , as the locals call it, today houses live music halls, nightclubs and other spaces run by musicians and artists. Although the city retains a whopping 650 bunkers of the time (of the 1,051 it came to have), none is as spectacular as this. Built in 1942 by prisoners from the Nazi concentration camps, it was designed to accommodate 18,000 people. During the Allied summer bombings of 1943, however, 25,000 souls sought refuge within their heavy walls of 3.5 meters thick.

The new hotel will be installed on its roof. The project extends the height of the St. Pauli bunker to five pyramid-shaped floors where the 136 rooms , a bar, a cafeteria and a restaurant will be located with an expected opening date by mid 2021. In addition, one of the most striking elements will be the landscape bet: a formidable rooftop garden, probably unique in Germany. Hamburg is a pioneer in this type of urban paradox and has decided to green no less than 70 percent of the roofs that allow this type of ecological intervention.

The bunker of St. Pauli in Hamburg.SHUTTERSTOCK

The hotel will also have a fantastic panoramic view, on the visual axis of Elbphilharmonie, and a lush green path, like an outside meander, that will surround the bunker.

The NH chain currently has Nhow hotels in Milan, Rotterdam, Berlin and Marseille. Its next opening in London will arrive in January 2020 and, in the next three years, it plans to open new establishments in Rome, Brussels, Santiago, Chile, Lima, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and east at the St. Pauli bunker in Hamburg.

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