Cash theft "inspection of electricity" and two men at a disaster-stricken house Tokyo Denenchofu October 21 13:48

On the 20th in Ota-ku, Tokyo, where houses were flooded due to the effects of Typhoon No. 19, on the 20th, women in their 90s were stolen by two men who visited their homes in the name of electrical inspection. The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating as a theft case targeting the disaster area.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, a man in a whitish workwear is at the home of a woman in his 90s who lives alone in Denenchofu, Ota-ku, where flooding and other damage occurred one after another at 10 am on the 20th. Two people visited.

The two went up to their homes saying “I came to check the electricity due to the damage of the typhoon. I wanted to check the switchboard”, but after the two returned, the tens of thousands of yen that the woman had stored was gone. is.

It seems that one of the two people was working on the second floor with a woman present and the other one was down on the first floor, and during this time he was looking for money on the first floor and stealing cash. It is.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, which received the damage report, investigates as a theft case aiming at the stricken area, and when an inspection contractor visits, it always confirms the staff ID and calls for a report if suspicious.