Deer infested in a residential area in Sapporo Considered capture by police, etc.October 20, 13:52


On the morning of the 20th, one deer was found in a residential area in Sapporo, and we are considering measures such as whether to catch it with the police in Sapporo.

According to the police, from early morning on the 20th to past 10:00 am, 25 deer sightings were received in the vicinity of the cold from Nishi-ku, Sapporo.

Upon receiving the information, the police and the person in charge of Sapporo rushed to the site and searched, and at around 10:30 am on the 20th, a police officer found one deer on the grounds of the house on the 10th and 4th streets. It means that I found it.
According to the police, there are currently no injuries.

The site is a residential area near JR Chuo Chuo Station, where there are elementary schools, parks and commercial facilities.

We are considering measures such as whether to capture in Sapporo with the police.

In addition, the city calls for the deer to get excited and violent when people gather around it, so that it should not be approached even if it is seen.

In Sapporo City, there was a fuss that a deer entered the site of the tower apartment in Chuo Ward on the 16th of this month, which was captured 7 and a half hours after the first sighting.

Neighboring woman "wondering where you came from"

A woman in her 70s who saw a deer said, “A large and small deer was walking around my house. It's rare and I wonder where it came from.”