On November 27, 2013, the UAE was in a new milestone with the winning of the Expo 2020, where the event will be held in Dubai, Danat Al Donia, with an exceptional edition of the prestigious international exhibition, which attracts millions of visitors during its session. Held every five years.

Following the announcement of Dubai, the first city in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia to host the international exhibition after a vote attended by delegates of the International Bureau of Exhibitions, during a meeting held in Paris, during which the country received the support of 117 members of the total of 164 right to vote, began work and preparation for An unprecedented version in the history of the World Expo.

Countdown started

With the countdown to a one-year countdown to the global event, on October 20, 2020, some 200 countries will be on time not only to participate in this global event, but also to see the progress of a nation. The UAE will be on the verge of celebrating the Golden Jubilee in 2021. A 50-year journey of accomplishment and giving, as well as a renewed march with its ambition and leadership. In 1851, the first exhibition in history, the Great Exhibition, took place at the Crystal Palace, which was founded at Hyde Park in London. In October 1851, about six million visitors, while the first international session of «International Expo» was held in the United States in 1876, and presented the first phone and the first commercial typewriter.

Notable stations

Significant milestones have emerged since 2000. The Expo was held in Hanover, Germany, hosted for the first time in its history under the theme 'Man, Nature and Technology', while the Expo 2010 was held in Shanghai, China, under the theme 'Better City for Better Life'. »He was able to consolidate the new position of« Shanghai »global city, also witnessed huge investments in infrastructure projects. The Italian city hosted the last session with the international exhibition held in 2015 under the slogan «feeding the planet .. energy for life».


Expo International will be held in Dubai in October, and hosting this global event is a global celebration of the UAE Vision 2021, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, in 2010, with the aim to be The UAE is among the best countries in the world by the Golden Jubilee of the Union.

The process of hosting the world event has always been tied to the national agenda, which the UAE Vision 2021 focused on, such as strengthening the UAE's international standing, as well as establishing a diversified and sustainable economy.

Expo 2020 Dubai is held under the slogan 'Connecting Minds and Making the Future' over a period of six months from 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021, and is expected to attract 25 million visits, 70% of which are from outside the UAE. Expo's 168-year international history. The Expo is held every five years and lasts for a maximum of six months, attracting millions of visitors to explore the pavilions and cultural events organized by hundreds of participants. The World Expo is one of the world's largest non-commercial events in terms of economic and cultural impact, after the World Cup and the Olympic Games.

The coolest event

Expo Dubai 2020 will be the most spectacular event in the world for 173 days. Al Wasl Square will host many live celebrations, which will number more than 60 concerts daily. Al Wasl Square is the heartbeat of Expo 2020 and will connect the three main areas of the exhibition. The main meeting point for visitors during the international event.

Expo 2020 will also be a global celebration for everyone, with more than 60 events every day, and the three Expo pavilions will offer opportunities, mobility and sustainability to inspire visitors to create a space for reflection and life. And provide a climate of optimism that can make a lasting impact in the world through concerted efforts.


October 2020 The event will start in Dubai and will run until 10 April 2021.

Expo Dubai 2020 will be held on a total area of ​​4.38 square kilometers in the area of ​​Dubai South, adjacent to Al Maktoum International Airport.


The history of the international exhibition, the first of which was launched at the Crystal Palace, was created for this purpose in Hyde Park. London.