Empress Empress 85th Birthday Oct. 20th 4:17

Empress Empress celebrated her 85th birthday on the 20th. It is the first birthday that was greeted as the Empress after the resignation of the Emperor.

According to the Imperial Household Agency, the Empress and the Emperor were pleased that the Emperor and Empress had succeeded in their duties after the succession of the throne, and hoped that the “Imperial Religion Ceremony” on the 22nd could be completed without any difficulty. It means that it has been broken.

Also, in the midst of natural disasters occurring everywhere, the emperor and two people always plan the situation of the stricken area. I feel that it is a form and it is painful.

After the retirement of the emperor, the emperor took a series of cataract and breast cancer operations, but she continued to cherish her life with the emperor and walked early in the morning and performed three meals with the emperor. It means that you are sent calm days.

On the other hand, it means that we are working on rearranging luggage in such a direction that we will replace the residence with the Emperor family in the current fiscal year.

On the 20th, there was a celebration for the Empress's birthday, but it was canceled due to the disaster caused by Typhoon # 19.

Empress's video release

On the occasion of Empress's birthday, the Imperial Household Agency released a video of the Emperor and his wife viewing a photo album of the ceremonies associated with the imperial throne.

The video shows the emperors and couples chatting with each other while observing the “Courtesy of Asami after the throne” in May and the status of His Majesty the Emperor and Empress who are facing Saga.

Also, in August, a video of the Empress performing in the ensemble with the world's leading flute players was also released in Gunma Prefecture, a retreat destination.

Preparations for moving the Emperor and Mrs.

After the retirement of the Emperor, the Emperor and his wife have taken over all the public duties in principle to the Emperor and Empress, who are living in the Imperial Palace and preparing for moving to a temporary residence.

After the resignation of the Emperor, a ceremony and a general saga were held in early May following the throne of the Emperor, but the Emperor and his wife were watching over TV, and both Majesty had successfully completed the ritual and event. It was that it was pleased.

In early June, during the Emperor's reign, he was faced with a ritual related to abandonment that had been left unreserved.

Following the visit to the Taisho Emperor's Tomb in Hachioji, Tokyo, the first local visit after the Emperor's resignation visited the Emperor Takamyo and the Meiji Emperor's Tomb in Kyoto, and all the rituals were completed. It was.

Even after the succession of the throne, the Emperor and his wife are living a regular life, such as continuing their daily walks in the early morning.

The Emperor goes to the biology laboratory in the Imperial Palace about three times a week and continues to study fish as usual.

Under these circumstances, the Emperor and his wife are preparing to move from the Fukiage Sento Imperial Palace in the Imperial Palace to a temporary residence in Minato-ku, Tokyo in order to replace the residence with the Emperor family.

According to the Imperial Household Agency, the couple think that it is important for their majesty to move to the Imperial Palace as soon as possible, and that they are planning to move to a temporary residence during the current fiscal year, and are working on sorting and tidying up their luggage. .

In between these moments, we have a peaceful time with us.

In July, they rested at the Nasu Imperial Villa in Tochigi Prefecture and enjoyed a walk with their arms crossed together. In August, they met at rest in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture. I went to a memorable tennis court.

On the 11th of this month, I visited a special exhibition of bird illustrations organized by the eldest daughter, Kiyoko Kuroda, in Tokyo, and went around the exhibition while receiving explanations from Mr. Kuroda.

On the other hand, after the succession of the emperor, there were also events in which the emperor was undergoing surgery one after another, and the emperor was temporarily unwell.

In June, Empress Emma received surgery for cataracts in both eyes in June, and last month she had an early breast cancer removal operation at the University of Tokyo.

According to the Imperial Household Agency, the postoperative course is going well, and as a result of pathological diagnosis, it is judged that the risk of cancer recurrence is very low, and after that, hormonal therapy by taking medication is being received.

In July, the Emperor temporarily postponed a part of the next day due to temporary cerebral anemia, but his physical condition recovered.

One of the executives of the Imperial Household Agency said, “I think you are moving because you are moving, but you are also old, so please take care of your body first.”

The Emperor and his wife were very impressed by the heavy rain disaster caused by Typhoon No. 19, and all the celebrations scheduled for the 85th birthday of Empress Empress on the 20th of this month were canceled.