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It is well known that SM the Queen after a successful look tends to surprise us with an unfortunate one, if not ugly, we don't know very well why. That has happened today in Oviedo, in the middle of "Royal Fashion Week" before the astonished look of its "watchers", only instead of one, there have been two.

The first, this morning, was also ugly, disconcerting . It was a Pertegaz dress, a brand that was reborn last year after a resounding rebranding operation. The dress, a pale gray affair with a tight silhouette with embroideries and capriciously asymmetrical appliques in black and white red that closed at the neck with a bow.

Maybe the slightly Japanese air model would not have hit us so much with another hairstyle, but Mrs. Letizia's hairdresser had made her one of those ponytails with the wave in her forehead, which she faced with the bow.

Letizia uses her favorite formula at the Princess of Asturias Awards: in red and by Felipe Varela

As I said in my previous opinion, the undoubted beauty of SM when she wears an unflattering dress tends to be eclipsed as has happened twice today.

For the afternoon, in the delivery of the Princess of Asturias Awards at the Campomar Theater, the great moment of the Royal Fashion Week of Oviedo, the "beauté" of the consort, was more than eclipsed, even buried with one of the cocktail suits ugliest out of Felipe Varela's workshop.

Considering that the mysterious Madrid designer usually dresses her only two or three times a year, one could strive a little more, frankly.

This evening's model, a Burgundy dress, had all the ingredients to make SM look fat, which, as we well know, is not: absurd cleavage, faded chest armholes and a rhinestone embellishment at the waist that gave her an air to the classic sopranos of the early twentieth century when fat was carried on stage, before Callas lost weight with or without the lonely earthworm.

The big question is the "new in this square" earrings that SM wore and that promise to make flowing rivers of ink run

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