Two weeks after premiering in prime time with Behind the Wall , a documentary program dedicated to migrations in America that last January achieved 1,139,000 spectators in La Sexta , Fernando González , better known as Gonzo , received a Offer you could not refuse. "I was unpacking a toaster and Jordi [Évole], as direct as ever, asked me, do you want to present Bran ? I asked him 24 hours to answer, not to say yes to Bran , but to leave The Intermediate, " explains the reporter Galician on the program where he has been working for nine years after making himself known in Caiga who falls .

This Sunday at 9.25 pm the announced relief will take place in La Sexta with a program dedicated to sexual harassment at work that will have the testimony of four female victims, from a senior management secretary to a domestic worker, as well as a psychologist And a judge. "15% of women suffer sexual harassment at work and only 8% report," says Gonzo about this "cross-cutting" problem. And he adds: "The latest statistical data are from 2006 of the Women's Institute. In 13 years no government has bothered to update them." With regard to men, he acknowledges that it has been impossible for them to find victims willing to speak, but he also explains that it would seem unfair to focus on them: "The proportion of men victims of sexual harassment at work is 1 to 100 respect to women".

Gonzo's challenge in this new stage of Salvados will be to match the data of Évole, who after 11 years in his last season got an average of 2,155,000 spectators and a screen share of 11.4%; In addition to firsts such as the interview with the Pope, which brought together 4,107,000 viewers and scored a 21% share .

Faced with expectations, and in reference to his previous career, Gonzo states: "I only compare myself with myself and how I did reports before. In this first program I didn't feel like doing anything new."

I'm not a manager, so I don't have to worry about audiences, but about previous work and recording

That is why he says he is not nervous. "In the end I get on a train that is running, it works great and I don't have such a bad idea of ​​myself as to think I'm going to fuck it. I'm not a manager, so I don't have to worry about audiences , but about work previous and recording. Once it's done, I'm already thinking about the next one, "says the journalist.

In the coming weeks, as he advances, they will talk about autism, the ores or the consequences of the Supreme Court ruling on procès leaders. "There is a general strike in Catalonia and we have to be there," says the journalist, who will try to talk to politicians and citizens of different signatures. Although, he clarifies: "The violent people already speak through images. When someone burns containers, he has already told me everything he had to say to me . Because those guys are the same the day Barça wins the League. They take advantage of anything to do it."

As for the electoral campaign , a topic that will also be discussed in Salvados, Gonzo points out: "We have called all parties and we are waiting for answers."

Gonzo says he has not yet asked for any labor advice from Évole, who has tried to facilitate his transition as much as possible. "Jordi has moved away, but he has offered. He is not there, but I see him practically every day in the office," that is, in Producciones El Barrio , architect of Salvados with Atresmedia . "It has made it easier for me to be at ease," adds Gonzo, who has already noticed greater recognition on the street.

"Since May, when the official announcement was made, something has changed in my life. People stop me more, I hear my name more. I am the only face of Salvados , so whatever I like or don't like, people will associate it with me . In the meantime , Wyoming removes you from a brutal responsibility, "he says amused while acknowledging the work of his teammates. "We are 50 or 60 people in Salvados . We went to record eight people. I have even a focus artist," he says of the care with which the program is produced.

Returning to Évole, the communicator has left Salvados , but continues to work on television with his production company. His first project has been a documentary about President Donald Trump for the Spanish-speaking US network Telemundo that, according to his substitute, will arrive at Atresmedia in 2020. "We will do six Bran programs until Christmas, then Jordi's program will come, and then we will follow ", advances Gonzo, the new face of Bran .

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