Sánchez's last appearance as a television star allowed us to prove two things: that the impunity of those who burn Barcelona is also the fault of the Government of Madrid; and the terrifying uselessness of Sánchez , chief of an Executive who seems Executed. Only Carmen Calvo, in his premiere as a verb dervish at the Instituto Cervantes, has managed to overcome the president of the Government in conceptual inanity. Rajoy also did nothing against the Catalan coup, but because of a moral problem: his lack of courage and contempt for others. Sanchez has plenty of value, but is strictly incompetent . With the courage of Sanchez and the cunning of Rajoy, an acceptable president would come out. With the value of Rajoy and Sánchez's talent, he goes out ... Soraya.

Just two years ago, as in the song of Sabina, the vice-prince of the strawberry mouth could not be heard more than two terminchos: moderation and proportionality . When Mariano woke up from the nap he used to repeat moderation and moderation . Baby Macbeth preferred to trill, like a fat sparrow, proportionality . And in duet: "the Government will not fall into provocation or overacting . " Lie: they overreacted by saying that nothing happened when everything happened and they fell into the usual separatist provocation: pretend they negotiate what they want to impose.

From the disastrous experience of the PP, Sánchez could have learned something. On Wednesday night, on the split screens of the televisions, we saw that not: while saying to ensure citizen freedom, Catalonia, burning on all four sides, denied it. He also copied from Soraya that "prudence is proof of strength", but it is seen that all the force is going through his mouth; and that, as the Marquis del Gulag praised, "he does not intend to do anything in Catalonia."

To prove that there is no such coup dreamed up by the Supreme Tarot, Marlaska went to dinner at God Valve Me , good place for them to see you. But Fraga in Palomares and his successor in the Válgame are antagonistic examples of political publicity: the Minister of Tourism and the US ambassador bathed to show that the fall of nuclear bombs did not contaminate the water. It worked. Inside, Fraga told Tamames "the street is mine", so that the PCE does not seek to appropriate it. It worked. Marlaska can only say "the street is yours", that is, of the Catanazis . And resign.

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