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The scenario cannot be more evocative. From the beautiful Supramonte , the mountain chain that rises east of Sardinia , the famous coves of turquoise waters that have turned the Italian island into an object of desire for half the world can be seen. It has a catch, and the rugged and rugged terrain makes, more than once, the idyllic excursion become a rescue operation for clueless tourists . In one or in 144 , which is the number of rescuers of missing hikers or broken down cars that the Sardinian town of Baunei has had to carry out in the last two years.

The mayor does not blame tourists. Blame this situation on Google Maps. To the point that he has waged a small war against the navigator of the giant Silicon Valley warning of its use in the surroundings of his town .

"There are too many cars, sometimes even 4X4, that get stuck on these impassable roads," Salvatore Corrias, mayor of Baunei, told Ansa news agency. "And all for following the directions of Google Maps that, in our ways, are often misleading ."

The city of Baunei.SHUTTERSTOCK

The drop that filled the glass has been the recent case of some tourists who were left with the rented Porch that they were driving on a goat road causing a high cost rescue for the community and for the drivers, who are responsible for how they return the rental car.

Corrias explains that they contacted Google to correct the indications. "They responded that they would verify it, but we haven't seen anything concrete yet," he says. For what they went to plan B: place signs at the entrance of the most requested roads , which are those that join the famous Cala Luna and Cala Goloritzé. "Do not follow the directions of Google Maps," the posters say.

"It is preferable to follow the instructions of the traffic signs or reliable maps of a lifetime. And better yet, to use our expert guides : none will endanger hikers who enjoy Ogliastra," Corrias says.

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