School bullying last year 540,000 cases record high Ministry of Education Survey 17 October 18:16

A survey by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology revealed that the number of bullying cases recognized by schools nationwide exceeded the previous year's 540,000, the highest ever. The number of bullying awareness has continued to increase since the country called for early detection, but experts said, `` I can appreciate that small bullying has come to be recognized, but there is not much to rush to resolve the bullying , It is necessary to pay attention to whether it is just a form of correspondence. "

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology conducts annual surveys on bullying confirmed at elementary and junior high schools, high schools, and special support schools nationwide, and announced the number of last year on the 17th.

As a result, the number of bullying recognized was 54,393, an increase of 129,555 over the previous year, the highest ever.

The breakdown is 425,844 elementary schools, 97,704 junior high schools, 17,709 high schools, and 2,676 special support schools.

Furthermore, when asked about how the school responded to the perpetrator's students, the most common response was 45.6% of reports to parents, followed by an apology instruction to the victim's students and their parents. 43.4%, instruction in separate rooms is 11.3%.

As a result of these responses, 458462 cases, which accounted for 84.3% of the total, were “resolved” such as bullying ceased for more than three months.

Expert "The possibility of the correspondence becoming formal"

The number of cases of bullying has been increasing since the country called for early detection, but Associate Professor Ryo Uchida, a graduate student at Nagoya University, who is familiar with the issue of bullying, “I can appreciate that bullying has come to be found. If a school is required to solve many bullying, and there is no time, there is a risk that the response will be formalized. I need it. "

End with a handshake of reconciliation?

A 20-year-old woman and her mother who have been asked to shake hands for reconciliation from school as a solution to bullying.

When she was in elementary school, a woman who was being bullied consulted with her teacher through her mother, and she was called with her partner and asked about the circumstances.

And the last thing I wanted was a handshake with my classmates.

The woman recalls her feelings at the time: “I didn't want to shake hands. The teacher and the perpetrator's child were happy to apologize, but I was left behind.”

Bullying continued after that, and women were unable to attend school.

The NHK featured the problems caused by handshake of reconciliation conducted by schools for the purpose of resolving bullying, and there were many voices saying “I had the same experience” and “I was calmed down by shaking hands” from a wide range of ages. It was sent.

Teachers who regret having shake hands

Why do teachers take such measures as a means to solve bullying?

I was able to listen to a junior high school teacher in her 50s who had given the same instruction in the past.

When I was a young student, there was a student who appealed to my friend who told me that I had a good friend, so after talking to both the victim and the perpetrator, the last thing I went to was a handshake of reconciliation It ’s said.

This faculty member explained, “There was a lot of learning from seniors, including student guidance, and it was imitating what seniors looked at.

However, after finishing the handshake, the teacher who was confessed by the student who appealed for bullying was "I was scared of being caught by the other party."

He said that he regretted not teaching the students really.

This teacher is now the principal, and when there is a bullying complaint, the perpetrator and the victim are called individually to provide necessary guidance, and if the victim wants, it is also considered to consider measures such as class change and transfer .

The teacher said, “I am really sorry to think that the power of the teacher as a child has been carried on the back of the child. Now it is the victim that should definitely snuggle up, and it is important to support it so that it will not break I thought. ”

Education scene urgently solving bullying

On the other hand, there are teachers who are reluctant to resolve bullying and that there is still a strong movement to reconcile them by shaking hands.

The reason why male teachers in their 40s give a reason for this is the bullying report that is required by the school.

The details of any small bullying must be stated in a fixed report, and finally whether it has been resolved.

While it has become possible to find small bullying, it is said that there are many cases where young teachers center on reconciliation so quickly that the solution is rushed.

The male teacher said, “If there are few reports, it is said that there are few,” so there is pressure to report any small things. Recently, early detection of bullying and early response are particularly good. I do n’t think we ’re going to shake hands and reconcile. ”