NHK red and white presenter decided Red group is Ayase White group is Arashi in Arashi October 18 5:05

Omisoka's annual NHK Red and White Song Fighter was announced, and Haruka Ayase will serve as the red group, and Sho Sakurai will serve as the white group. Mr. Mitsuyoshi Uchimura will serve as the general moderator for the third consecutive year.

Haruka Ayase, who was decided to be the host of the red group, plays the role of the protagonist's wife in the Kota no Taiga drama "Idaten-Tokyo Orimpic".

“I hope to have a fun, warm and energetic red-and-white song battle with the participating artists,” said Kogumi's moderator for the third time in four years.

Sho Sakurai is a member of the popular group “Arashi” and will be in charge of moderating the white group for the fifth consecutive year.

Mr. Sakurai said, “I am going to be a big milestone in the era, and I will be holding on to the big role for the second consecutive year. I am commenting.

Mr. Mitsuyoshi Uchimura, chairman of NHK's program “LIFE!

Mr. Uchimura commented, “I would like to energize all the red and white singers with Ayase and Sakurai.”

The 70th NHK Red and White Song Battle will be broadcast on Omisoka's 7:15 pm on General TV, BS4K, BS8K, and Radio 1st.