"Kyo-Ani" arson 3 months motive elucidation Expected to take time October 18th 4:37

It is three months in 18 days from the incident that the studio of “Kyoto Animation” was arson. According to the police, Susumu Aoba, who suffered burns throughout the body, recovered before being able to rehabilitate for conversation and walking, but it was not enough to listen to the circumstances, and it is expected that it will still take time to elucidate the motive It has become.

On July 18, three months ago, the first studio of “Kyoto Animation” in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, was arsoned, 36 people were killed and 33 were severely injured.

Three months later, four people are hospitalized and continue to be treated.

In this case, Shinji Aoba, who was arrested for murder and arson, was hospitalized with burns all over the body, but was directed to conversation and walking while receiving assistance from the police. It means that it recovered before rehabilitation was possible.

However, it seems that it will take several months to leave the hospital, and I still can't listen to the circumstances.

The police are investigating to elucidate their motives. Of these, about 200 threatening emails sent to the company from September to November last year were considered to be different from the suspect Aoba due to the contents. It means that

On the other hand, around November last year, there were a number of contents suggesting this incident, such as “Pushing Explosives into Kyo Ani” in the bulletin board on the Internet.

Since the writings have confirmed the contents in common with the life situation of the suspect Aoba, the police are proceeding with the analysis as a clue that leads to the elucidation of the motives.

The total amount of donations exceeds 2.9 billion yen

Many fans from all over the country have received donations to support Kyoto Animation.

By the 15th of this month, approximately 330 million yen has been sent to the six receiving accounts established by Kyoto Prefecture since last month.

In addition, approximately 2,586 million yen sent to the account established by Kyoto Animation after the incident will be transferred to the account of Kyoto Prefecture, for a total of approximately 2,915 million yen.

The donation will be accepted until the end of this month, and the distribution committee established by Kyoto Prefecture will fully support the bereaved family and victims.