The actor and wine connoisseur Pierre Arditi was the guest of the Grand Journal of Evening on Europe 1 to talk about his new book "The taste of my life". To sacrosanct moderation, he prefers reason: "It's called initiation".


It's a longstanding romance between Pierre Arditi and wine. And yet, as he says himself, this passionate story did not really start off right ... "Wine was associated with my life early on, by my father and mother who drank vinegar. so I discovered early enough and young enough that I will never drink wine.I thought to myself "if this is the wine I will never drink," he told Nathalie Levy in the Grand evening newspaper on Europe 1.

It was then necessary to tame the drink ... An apprenticeship of a whole life that Pierre Arditi recounts in his book, the taste of my life , with the editions Hugo Doc, punctuated by the stories of meetings, initiations ... And also by some crisp anecdotes! Like his first tasting at Guigal just before playing on the boards to play Don Juan de Molière. "We did a tasting from 9am to 1pm, on an empty stomach." Of course, like a moron, I thought, 'I can not spit it', it's not possible, and of course I was drunk. I came home two hours before playing, took twenty sugar-free coffees, ten showers, and got drunk-dead on stage. "

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Moderation is bullshit

The intimate memories of the comedian, his most beautiful oenological emotions, they entrust in this book. His secrets too: "Try a nice champagne with a coulommiers, you'll see". Pierre Arditi unveils himself, without forgetting, as a real activist (he is the godfather of the City of Bordeaux wine), to push a few gunshots.

"Fashion is burgundy bashing ... Bordeaux-bashing? Tired! There are wines absolutely beautiful .I do not like to be tapped on things.There are treasures, but there are also Also, do not be afraid of small appellations, terroirs that are a little less known because there are nuggets to discover, drink ... Not with moderation but with reason, which has nothing to see, because moderation is bullshit, I'm not a moderate man, I'm a reasoning man, and the reason is initiation, I trust that one. When wine is my friend, he is my friend, and when I feel that he becomes my enemy, I put down my glass and move on. "

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The Chinese are not going to take the soil with them

As for threats from abroad on our French wines, including the purchase of certain areas by Chinese pension funds or the new import taxes imposed (25%) in the United States by Donald Trump? "It's crazy to think that the Chinese will buy everything and we will be 'chinoinised', no, there are some big buyers, but they will not take the soil with them."

"And for Trump, what do you want me to say to you?" "We chose a strange character to lead the most powerful country in the world." This is not his first bullshit. The wine will come out, no problem. "