A man stole an engraving of Salvador Dalí on Sunday worth $ 20,000 from a gallery in San Francisco (USA) to which the thief entered in broad daylight and from which the work of art was carried under his arm without anyone I would stop him.

The ABC network showed on Tuesday images of the surveillance cameras in which the suspect is seen entering the Dennis Rae Fine Art gallery in the Californian city at 4.40 pm on Sunday.

About thirty seconds after accessing the gallery, the man, with a cap and shorts, left with total tranquility of the enclosure and with Dalí's engraving under his arm without anyone getting in his way.

In the video released it seems that the thief has an accomplice: a woman who is next to him at the entrance of the gallery but does not get access to the establishment.

The missing work is an engraving entitled Surreal bullfight: giraffe on fire , which was created by Dalí around 1966 and 1967 and has dimensions of approximately 51 by 66 centimeters.

"We have a special exhibition by Salvador Dalí right now and, yes, they just stole it too quickly for someone to do something about it, " Dennis Rae Fine Art gallery director Angela Kellett told ABC.

The head of this artistic venue also commented that the work belongs to a very limited series of prints, so she believes that its sale in the underground market would not be easy.

"To be honest, it is quite surprising," David Schach, who co-owns this gallery located on Geary Street very close to Union Square, the most important square in downtown San Francisco, said Tuesday in statements to US media.

The police of the Californian city has not yet arrested anyone in connection with this robbery and has requested the collaboration of citizens to be able to arrest the suspect and recover, in this way, the missing engraving of Dalí.

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