Teacher bullying problem A colleague woman also appealed for "violence" Kobe Oct. 15 16:04

One of the women of a colleague who suffered damage was a problem that multiple teachers repeatedly bullied a colleague at a public elementary school in Kobe City, saying, “An injured teacher grabbed his arm during an athletic meet and was injured. I have newly found out that he is complaining. The Board of Education is examining the detailed situation.

At Higashi-Suma Elementary School in Kobe City, four males, three male teachers in their 30s and one female teacher in their 40s, forcibly feed a spicy curry to a male teacher in their 20s. It has become clear that this was repeated.

In addition, three other colleagues in their 20s were allegedly suffering from rants and sexual harassment, but a survey by the Kobe City Board of Education found that one of these female teachers was “the male teacher of the perpetrator. "I was violently violently."

According to the Board of Education, a female teacher complained that a male teacher was caught and dragged during last year's athletic meet, injured his wrist, and that the jersey he had worn was torn.

The female teacher complains that she was also sexually harassed on a daily basis, such as being teased, and the Board of Education listens to the people concerned to find out more about the situation at the time.