Disparity lawsuit for one vote in the Upper House Takamatsu High Court handed down today's decision October 16th 5:17

On the 16th, the Takamatsu High Court ruled on a lawsuit that a group of lawyers is seeking to invalidate the election, saying that the disparity in the so-called one vote in the Upper House election in July was in violation of the constitution. I will tell you. It is the first time in the country that a judicial decision is made regarding the disparity of one vote in the House of Councilors election.

However, in the House of Councilors elections in July, there was a maximum difference of 3.002 times in the number of voters per member of parliament, and lawyers and other groups said that “they violate the Constitution” An appeal for invalidation has been filed in all constituencies.

Of these, the Takamatsu High Court will give a judgment this afternoon regarding trials targeting three constituencies in Shikoku.

The trial over the disparity of one vote in the House of Councilors election has been brought up by the High Court and the Branch of the High Court nationwide, but it is the first judgment.

There was a maximum disparity of 3.08 times in the previous and three-year-old elections, and the Supreme Court decided that it would not violate the Constitution. The number of seats was increased by one, and the disparity was up to 3.002 times.

Attention is paid to how the courts judge these efforts.