• 15.2% of Spanish young people aged 18 to 35 consider work their favorite place to practice sex

On the table, in the elevator, in the toilets, in the parking lot or in the classic photocopier ... Doing it at work with a partner is one of the most recurring sexual fantasies.

It can be quite logical if we consider that we spend most of the day there, becoming the ideal cultivation field for our erotic imaginary.

In the work scenario, the morbidity is served . It is "forbidden" and they can catch you, two very exciting factors that few people can avoid, at least, in their fantasies.

And I don't say this, "a friend told me," of course. Because, although few recognize it, many of us dream (awake or asleep) with a partner, the boss or the maintenance officer.


According to the 2018 Control Barometer, 15.2% of Spanish young people aged 18 to 35 consider work their preferred place to practice sex , surpassing even those who prefer the disco.

There is still more: a survey of 'Bussines Insider', conducted on 2,500 people, reveals that 84.5% confessed to having fantasized about a partner or boss .

Perhaps, while reading this, some of your classmates are having a great time a few meters away from you because, the report made by 'Yellow Octopus' (published on Express), said that one in 10 people admit to having had sex in the office

As for the schedule, a third of them carried out their adventures at noon and 17%, the earliest, before going to work. Although most said they did it outside their office hours.

A curious (and understandable) fact is that these sexual encounters used to be direct and fast , getting to the point and forgetting the famous preliminaries.

And it is that labor sexual behavior does not stop surprising us. Like that 39% of office workers who confessed to masturbating in their work toilets , according to a 'Time Out New York' survey.

But what will cause most to not realize their sexual dreams at work?


Of course, the risks involved in putting it into practice are the reason why many do not dare to realize their dreams (for lack of desire, it is not).

The funny thing is that, precisely those same risks, are the biggest triggers of our most ardent desires . Well-known is the effect that generates in our desire the possibility of being caught, for example.

However, one of the biggest brakes to satisfy that sexual appetite is that it questions your professionalism, muddles your career or, directly, leaves you out of work.

Likewise, both fears and passions are greater if your object of desire is on a scale different from yours . And it is usual that, when such intimate contacts are made, it can be difficult to separate the work from the personal.

But it will not be me who takes away your desire. Although you already know: where you have the pot ... do what you consider ... without getting too screwed up!

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