They are hours of maximum tension. A thousand independentistas cut the Gran Vía in Barcelona yesterday and a radical was arrested after assaulting a police officer at Sants station. It is the general essay of the insurgent reaction well-oiled by secessionist organizations in response to the judgment of the process that the Supreme will foreseeably make public today. As EL MUNDO advanced, the leaders of the 1-O will be sentenced for sedition after an impeccable trial in the procedural that reaffirms the strength of our rule of law before the greatest challenge to Spanish democracy in these four decades. No one is above the law, a basic principle that governs the coexistence of any democratic society. But the irresponsible political class that illegally promotes independence in Catalonia first acted as if it were above good and evil and now demands impunity - including the shameful demand for pardons - that would be as much as another lunge to the Constitution, for other media.

The Fundamental Standard guarantees the right to kick of those who want to speak out against the sentence, as long as they do so peacefully and in accordance with the laws. But both the harangues from the Generalitat, starting with Torra, and the appeals of different secessionist platforms or of the CDR filoterrorists place us in an almost insurrectional climate in which violent tumultuarial actions are encouraged that demand the maximum determination of the Government, without rule out the immediate activation of the National Security Law. Let us trust that the Mossos controls are up to their duty. Of the current Catalan leaders, little can be expected, especially since the president of the Parliament has already announced that he will encourage an offensive against the rule of law, in clear defiance of the Constitutional who has just warned him that he may incur criminal responsibilities.

Beyond the field of public order, with the ruling a new chapter opens in the transcendental battle for the story that, from the independence orbit, has been falsified abroad with relative success thanks also to the laziness of the successive Governments of Spain. These last two years, without going any further, have been a valuable wasted time in which diplomacy should have counteracted the coup propaganda and voices such as that of the escaped Puigdemont . Luckily, finally, as we publish today, Moncloa has designed a plan for international public opinion that involves the mobilization of our ambassadors and a very active dialogue between the ministers and their counterparts in key allied countries. Spain must be able to refute the fallacies of independence that will attempt to cast the message that politicians are condemned for their ideas and not for some very serious events established in the Criminal Code. They are decisive days. The Government counts to face them with the support of the constitutionalist parties , an aid that should not fall into a broken sack.

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