On Sunday, a Moroccan woman threw her three children from the window of the family's house on the fifth floor in Casablanca.

According to eyewitnesses, the lady would have also thrown herself, but the screaming and warning of the neighbors who gathered down the building prevented it.

The 5-year-old middle boy suffered severe fractures, while the eldest (10 years) and an infant (7 months) suffered some bruises, according to Morocco 24.

The three children were in critical condition at the Mansour Hospital in Sidi Bernoussi, before being transferred to the pediatric section of Ibn Rushd University Hospital, while their mother surrendered to police.

In detail, the woman threw her children when her husband was absent outside the house, where he worked as a fruit seller near a mosque, while witnesses said it was not problematic, as he lives in the house with his mother, wife and three children.

The real reason for the act is not known, but neighbors have suggested that there may be severe marital disputes inside the house or mental illness.