Europe 1 was able to travel to the Scottish village of Guy J., a Yvelines retiree who was mistaken for Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès at Glasgow Airport on Friday night. As few people know, the locals are surprised by this incredible story.

In the village of Dunoon in Scotland where Guy J. stays with his wife, the inhabitants woke up stunned. Almost no one here had heard of Guy before the last 24 hours. But today, in the narrow streets of the city center or at the exit of the pubs, many evoke this incredible history. This man whom the police have confused with another, and not just anyone: the most wanted fugitive in France. Because as we announced Saturday, the man arrested at Glasgow airport Friday night is not Xavier Dupont Ligonnès.

"How could they make such a big mistake?"

"He lives right next to me," says Tommy, talking with friends. "We had just learned it on television," says another. "He must be really shocked, we all are, it's a big mistake, how could they make such a big mistake?"

It is not only Guy that is marked by this spectacular arrest. All the members of his family seem to be affected, and in the first place his wife, who is Scottish.

When you leave the city center, the curtains of the small pavilion are pulled. The neighbors are silent: none really knows them. "It's a discreet couple, they enjoy their garden," says one of them. A newspaper so far quiet, upset despite themselves these past two days

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