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It must be recognized that HM the Queen is, above all, very, very faithful to her friends. That would explain the ugly and inappropriate model of Felipe Varela that he has taken at the military stop on October 12 and the subsequent cocktail at the Palace.

The pink spring dress in a pink lingerie made of silk and tulle would delight a cheesy bride who marries for the second time in a courthouse or that of a teenage 'prom queen' of American films from the middle of the last century. Of those of Metro Goldwyn Mayer with Helen Rose's wardrobe for Sandra Dee, for example. But not for the wife of a head of state who will soon be in her fifties who attends a military event in the morning.

Knowing that Varela has never been right in his looks for October 12 and that everyone has been criticized ad nauseam, from the fake Chloe of the pants and the shawl that fell every two by three, to the gray robe of Bavarian governess, going through the 'faux' of the Income of the embroideries, everything has been a nonsense.

Today's model, which is supposed to be a long midi shirtmaker, was full of discordant elements from the poorly resolved 'Claudine' collar, to the transparent sleeves with the bow appliques.

To top it off, the 'brioche' hairstyle, worthy of a traveling production of Turandot, and the intense makeup of large blackened eyelashes gave Dona Letizia's look a feeling of total unreality.

Letizia, faithful to Varela one more year, but in its most romantic and spring version

It is necessary to surrender to the sad evidence that SM the Queen, despite her 15 years as a dweller of the zarzuelino 'compound', has not learned to dress as a royal, and blame for this is the little contact that the Bourbons of Spain apparently have with the rest of the European courts. When one sees photos of Mary of Denmark , the Duchess of Cambridge , Matilda of Belgium and let's not say Max of Holland , one realizes the abysmal difference between SM and the real premiums.

Finally: in spite of the inappropriate attire, it is necessary to recognize that Mrs. Letizia was very beautiful, that the supposed 'refrescadinhas' have made it, although poorly dressed, one of the brightest royals in Europe.

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