Long-term school refusal due to bullying Boys and parents sued the city, etc. Kanagawa Oct. 11 18:30

In Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, a boy who was in the second grade of elementary school was unable to attend school because of bullying his classmate. A lawsuit was filed in the Yokohama District Court for compensation.

A boy who was a second grader in Chigasaki City's elementary school was bullied four years ago by his classmates and was refused from school for two and a half years. The teacher has been punished for suspension, and the mayor apologizes.

The child and parents filed a lawsuit in the Yokohama District Court for damages of approximately 36.2 million yen against the parents and the city of five bullying classmates.

According to the complaint, the child side received bullying with violence from his classmates for at least half a year, and the female teacher who was a teacher left the bullying unattended and did not report it to the principal, etc. "I'm not bullying."

Chigasaki City has said that the complaint cannot be commented because the complaint has not arrived.