Tokyo, Shinjuku, 10 October, 22:09

With the Nobel Prize in Literature awarded by Olga Tokarchuk in Poland and Peter Huntke in Austria, two major books in the Tokyo bookstore were immediately lined up and booked by visitors. I picked up and bought it.

At the Kinokuniya Shinjuku main store in Shinjuku, Tokyo, a monitor was installed in the store to convey the announcement of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Then, when Olga Tokarchuk of Poland and Peter Huntke of Austria were announced, two books were lined up in the corner of the Nobel Prize for Literature at the bookstore, and the people who visited them picked up the books. I bought it.

A 47-year-old office worker man who had been expecting Haruki Murakami's award said, I was like ".

Mr. Hirokazu Kusou of Kinokuniya Shinjuku Main Store says, “It may be difficult because it is a work that will be selected for the Nobel Prize for Literature, but if you notice the fun of literature that you didn't know until now,” I was talking.