The start of the MYHYV television program, presented by Toñi Moreno in Mediaset, has been the most rugged, if not, surreal Wednesday. As soon as the space started, the camera focused on the presenter, who appeared crying and with the makeup spread across her face. Toñi Moreno apologized to the audience while he stammered: "Forgive me. The first thing, I have to apologize for how I started the program. It is that 30 seconds ago we read information that is not yet verified. We contrast it, right? It's Teresa Campos . I hope it's not true. "

"You do not deserve it at home but, I swear, I have read it and this program is live, then, you have caught me like that," the hostess excused herself with the spectators to then leave the set.

Shortly after, Toñi Moreno returned to the set, even without confirmation of the news and without stopping to receive, as she has explained, "sympathy messages" on the mobile for the alleged death of María Teresa Campos , who was her television mentor . Finally, the presenter has managed to contact María Teresa, who has personally confirmed that she is alive. " I am not dead, I am alive, but they are going to kill me with disgust, " the veteran presenter belittled.

Toñi Moreno has been the victim of a deceitful holder of Diario Gol , a medium that uses this clickbait formula or headline bait every day, consisting of starting the title of the news with the quotation marks "He has died" and then the name of a famous person . As soon as you click on the information, you can verify that the owner has nothing to do with the content .

However, the scandalousness of its headlines and the fact that it appears frequently in Discover - Google's news aggregator on Android phones - encourages these contents to viralize - especially on the WhatsApp platform - as soon as a user does not go beyond headline and click on the bait, taking the news for good - without having read it - and sharing the information. On the web you can find hundreds of holders of Diario Gol following the formula "He has died." + [Name of famous character]: Miguel Bosé, Pedro Almodóvar, Pablo Motos, Paz Padilla ...

Holders of Diario Gol with the formula "He has died" + Famous character.

"There are also sewer rats, as in all professions," said Toñi Moreno in reference to the medium that has published the news, once clarified that María Teresa Campos is perfectly well. According to his story, "the news has come out that María Teresa Campos had died. I have read it and, in addition, there are people who have written to me with their condolences and I have taken it for granted," Moreno excused himself, who also appealed to her advanced state of pregnancy : "She has given me a nervous breakdown. Women who have been pregnant know that we are especially sensitive and that the hormones soar. But, in any case, the news was to be like that because I was Maria Teresa I love her, I love her, I love her and I admire her. "

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